Multi-Factor Authentication for students on November 1

IT recently announced that we will be launching Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on student MyGRCC accounts starting Tuesday, November 1.

What does this mean?

Starting November 1, students will be prompted to authenticate through MFA in the same way as faculty and staff.

Students signing into their MyGRCC account off campus or from a personal device on campus will be prompted for a one-time passcode sent to their email address or phone.

Here is what can be expected:

We are working to make this change as easy as possible for everyone.

Reminders are being sent out to students encouraging them to log into their MyGRCC portal and verify they have the correct phone number and email address through these steps.

For those working closely and assisting students, please follow these instructions or you can watch this quick video

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at our IT Support Portal or by calling (616) 234-4357.

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