Recap of November Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting

GRCC’s Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) met on Friday, November 18th, from 9:00am-12:00pm.  Here is a recap of the meeting:

  • Team members heard an update on the SLT bylaws review.  The updated SLT Bylaws have now been approved by a majority vote of the SLT membership and will be posted to the SLT website very soon.  
  • Attendees participated in a discussion to further consider Lakeshore Campus priorities as a follow-up to the October SLT meeting held at the Lakeshore Campus.  This feedback will be used to narrow down short- and long-term priorities to support Lakeshore students, faculty, and staff as related to the 2022-25 GRCC Strategic Plan Framework.  
  • SLT Executive Team members and GRCC leaders presented an overview of the status of our 2022-25 Strategic Plan Framework implementation as well as responses to the September SLT meeting Strategic Goal feedback activity.  This included introducing the following Strategic Goal Co-Leads: Goal 1 – Teaching & Learning: Dan Sullivan and Meg Lockard, Goal 2 – Completion & Transfer: Jason Vinson and Sarah Rose, Goal 3 – Equity: Lina Blair and Daisy Henderson, Goal 4 – Community Impact: Julie Parks and Cisco Ramirez, and Goal 5 – Infrastructure & Sustainability: Christine Coon and Ennis Young.
  • Here is additional information presented of benefit to all GRCC stakeholders: 1) If you would like to request training to learn more about HyFlex classroom technology, please send a note to Klaas Kwant and 2) To see the updated career information for students on our website, please visit  From there, you can drill down into specific schools and the programs offered.  When you click on the degree program, you will see the link to jobs and salaries on the right-hand side.  If you need any additional directions or have feedback for the Academic Pathways Steering Committee, please pass that along to Jennifer Batten, Valerie Butterfield, and Amanda Kruzona.
  • Interim President Olivarez closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their work and support of SLT’s initiatives.  The November meeting is the last SLT meeting of the fall semester.
  • SLT’s next meeting is Friday, January 27th and will be held at the Main Campus.  During this meeting, SLT members will continue to work on the implementation of GRCC’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan Framework.

Please contact Sheila Jones,, if you have any questions about SLT meetings or how you can get involved with SLT initiatives.

About the Strategic Leadership Team: The purpose of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is to provide a forum that enables a wide variety of college constituency groups the opportunity to provide input into the present and future direction of the College.  This team will guide the development and on-going implementation of our strategic plan, review benchmarking data, study budget realities and offer recommendations for budget priorities.  SLT’s membership includes over 90 representatives of the college community.  Please visit this page to learn more about SLT.

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