Information Station volunteers needed

Students are finalizing their Winter 2023 schedules and we are here to help!

Volunteers are needed to help with Information Stations for the first three days of the semester, January 9-11, 2023.

As you may already know, volunteers at the Information Stations help our students feel welcome and find their way on the first few days of classes.

Volunteer sign-up sheet

This semester:

  1. We are inviting two volunteers to each station, but please prioritize filling each station so we can guarantee coverage for the 2-hour commitments.
  2. Each station will have tables and 2 chairs in addition to signs indicating wayfinding.
  3. Our Google doc. will have all relevant information. This will allow us to keep information up-to-date as things change, and can be found here.
  4. Handouts at each station will include campus maps, Sneden shuttle flyers and GetHelp cards. Please plan on bringing your own water and snacks.

  5. Please follow the current campus protocols while working at the information station to minimize contact and germ spreading.
  6. There will be hand sanitizer at each table. We will also have antibacterial wipes so the table can be wiped down at the end of each shift.

Please reach out to the Student Resources Coordinator if you have any questions!


Phone: x2544

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