HR Notification: Important 2023 year end Payroll information

2022 W-2 Availability

  • Electronic W-2’s will be made available to employees who have given consent by January 13, 2023.
    • If you want to receive your W-2 electronically and have not elected to do so yet, you can do so at Employees that have already elected to have electronic W-2’s will continue to get theirs electronically and do not need to elect again.
  • Paper W-2’s will be mailed to employees who have not given consent to receive them electronically on January 31, 2023. Paper W-2’s will not be available for pick up.

Verify Your Personal Information

  • Verify and update your personal information through the Online Center by following the instructions found at For assistance with personal information changes, please email Human Resources at no later than January 6, 2023 to have the changes on your W-2.

Update your Tax Withholding Forms

  • NEW 2023 tax forms will be available in January on the payroll web page at New tax forms should be completed if:
    • You moved in or out of the cities of Grand Rapids or Walker.
    • Your work location has changed in or out of the city of Grand Rapids (i.e. lakeshore, remote work).
    • Your filing status has changed.
    • You are currently claiming exempt, to not have any withholding for Federal or State taxes, you are required to complete a new 2023 W-4 no later than February 3, 2023.

1095-C Tax Form

  • All benefited employees will have a tax form 1095-C mailed to them on January 31st from PlanSource. You do not need this form to file your tax return, but you should keep this form with your tax records. 

For Informational Purposes Only

  • The 2023 Social Security tax rate is schedule to remain 6.2%, and the Medicare tax rate remains 1.45%.
  • The 2023 social security wage base will increase to $160,200.00.
  • The 2023 limitation for elective deferrals under a 403(b) or 457(b) will increase to $22,500.00 and the additional catch up provision for individuals age 50 and over will increase to $7000.00, for a total of $29,500.00

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