Campus artwork opportunity: Brighten your offices and gathering areas

GRCC has a variety of paintings, prints and other artwork that can be displayed in our offices and gathering places. Some pieces were hanging prior to the renovations and have been in storage.  

We want these pieces to be displayed and enjoyed on our campus. Employees who are interested in having artwork to display in gathering places and offices are invited to come and select from available items. 

Available times are: 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 19 and 20 in room 304 of Cook Hall.

Employees who choose pieces for campus display will be asked to coordinate installation with their respective building manager.    

GRCC In the News 12/15/22

More than 1,500 students are still eligible to attend GRCC with costs covered by Grand Rapids Promise Zone

12/14/22 La Prensa

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 9, 2022: More than 1,500 students are still eligible to receive a quality Grand Rapids Community College education with costs covered by the Grand Rapids Promise Zone.

GRPS Board names 3 finalists for vacant seat

12/14/22 FOX 17

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Grand Rapids Board of Education has narrowed down a field of nineteen candidates to three finalists.

… The finalists for (Kristian) Grant’s replacement are Jordoun Eatman, Vice President of Engagement and Inclusion for Experience Grand Rapids, Travis Steffens, Success Coach at Grand Rapids Community College, and Shanda Vaughn at REcipient Rights Officer for Pin Rest Christian Mental Health Services.

Toy Express coming toHelen DeVos Children’s Hospital this week

12/14/22 FOX 17

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Grandville’s police and fire departments are coming to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital this Friday to bring toys to patients!

This year’s “Toy Express” is scheduled to start at the Grand Rapids Community College parking ramp. From there, it will turn left onto Ransom Avenue, then left onto Lyon Street, then right onto Bostwick Avenue, then right onto Michigan Street before turning right into the hospital at approximately 10 a.m., according to the Grandville Police Department (GPD).

Ender Hall transformation earns honors from U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan for sustainable building leadership

The transformation of the Mable Engle House into Grand Rapids Community College’s Steven C. Ender Hall has earned honors from the U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan.

GRCC’s Facilities team, project architect Progressive AE, and construction manager Pioneer Construction were honored this month with the LEED Gold Certified Higher Education project award.

The USGBC-WM Leadership Awards promote outstanding green building initiatives by recognizing projects, organizations, and people who have made extraordinary contributions to achieving healthy, energy-efficient green buildings in the state of Michigan. The Certified Green Building Awards recognize exemplary building projects that received high-performance certifications.

The U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan, organized in 2004, is a program-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated, in a way that improves the quality of life in Michigan.

James VanDokkumburg, executive director of Facilities, said sustainability is one of GRCC’s strategic goals, and is considered through all aspects of the college’s operations. Renovating a historic building rather than replacing it is a sustainable approach that also preserves a connection with the community’s past.

“All the work we do starts with the thought of following our sustainability goals, making our community a better place,” VanDokkumburg said. “But sustainability is more than a goal, it is a recognition of the responsible and right way to do things.”

The building was constructed early in the 20th century by a lumber baron for his family. GRCC purchased it from Davenport University for use as offices.

The 3,850-square-foot Steven C. Ender Hall is used for student-focused departments, including the Experiential Learning and the Honors programs, and Student Employment Services. It also provides space for Student Life clubs and organizations to meet. A ribbon-cutting was held in August.

Progressive AE worked with GRCC, local building officials, and the city’s Historic Preservation Commission on the $3.4 million renovation.

The project earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Certification for Commercial Interiors, a national standard established by the U.S. Green Building Council. GRCC held a ribbon-cutting in August for the building, which was named for President Emeritus Steven C. Ender.

Five people, one holding a trophy, stand on a stage.

Holiday shutdown energy conservation reminder

Our faculty and staff members do a great job pitching in to save energy during breaks. Thank you! When you prepare for holiday breaks, take a few minutes to ready your area for shutdown.

Unplugging equipment is preferable to turning it off as most electronic equipment continues to use power even when turned off. If, however, your equipment is plugged into a switched power strip, please shut off the power switch on the power strip.

Classrooms and offices

  • Refrigerators should be unplugged, cleaned out with its doors propped open. We recommend that this be completed at least one day prior to staff leaving for the shutdown so the unit can be monitored for excessive melting of built up ice in the freezer area:
    • Unplug the unit.
    • Empty the appliance of all food.
    • Block the door open so air can circulate and discourage mildew.

  • Power down all copiers, printers and scanners

  • Unplug equipment such as computers, monitors, speakers, radios, televisions, mobile phone chargers and power supplies for laptops, cell phones, etc. These devices continue to consume power when plugged in even when they are not connected to the device.

  • Turn off classroom equipment including Smartboards, projectors, etc.

  • Check to make sure all equipment is switched off in meeting rooms

  • Please be aware that personally owned space heaters are prohibited. If you have a personally owned space heater on campus it is recommended that you take it with you when you leave for the holiday break.


  • Power off and unplug all unnecessary lab equipment

  • Ensure all fume-hood sashes are closed, and all fume-hood lights are turned off
  • NOTE: Unplugging equipment is preferable to turning it off as most electronic equipment continues to use power even when turned off. If, however, your equipment is plugged into a switched power strip, please shut off the power switch on the power strip.

Help GRCC reduce “Phantom” electric loads on campus

  • A “phantom load” is any appliance or electronic gizmo that uses energy even when turned off. Some people call them “vampire appliances” or “energy vampires.” Many electronic devices stay on, even when they’re off. Chargers for cell phones, digital cameras, and other gadgets draw energy even when they’re not in use. Appliances like televisions, computers, monitors and DVD players can also draw power whenever they’re plugged into an outlet. 
  • You can help GRCC reduce the financial and environmental impact from these “vampire” appliances. If possible, unplugging devices is the simplest way to solve the problem, but can be a hassle. Plugging some of your devices into a surge protector that can be clicked on and off can make things easier.

Additional energy tips are at:

Raider Salute to Financial/Administrative team

Our Financial/Admin team did a fantastic job creating gift bags for students that attend the food pantry this holiday season! These bags include holiday treats, games, and hygiene items for students to take home and enjoy.

Student Life extends a huge thank you to the staff who donated towards this, to Jennifer Kowalski for organizing this, and to the volunteers that showed up last week to pack bags! Thank you!

Financial and Administrative staff members stand behind three tables covered with gift bags.