Tech Tip: Tell me what you want to do menu

Have you ever searched for a menu in your Office application and were unable to find it? Well, good news! Most newer versions of Word include a handy “Tell me what you want to do” field at the top of the toolbar. Insert a word or phrase pertaining to any instruction and the program can quickly identify the command you’re looking for.

The top tool bar for Microsoft Word with the "Tell me what you want to do" menu item highlighted.

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GRCC In the News, 12-16-22

Why the University of Michigan Health-West is investing in a partnership with Grand Rapids Community College

12/15/22 Health Leaders

University of Michigan Health West—a healthcare provider with over 208 staffed beds and more than $1 billion in total patient revenue—has teamed up with Grand Rapids Community College to offer a program designed to help nursing students finance their education and at the same time fill a critical labor shortage.

Tuition assistance benefits are helping one hospital recruit and retain nurses

12/15/22 Employee Benefit News

Healthcare institutions across the country have been desperately searching for solutions to the national nursing shortage. Some have turned to enticing benefits, but this hospital is taking a more hands-on approach. 

The University of Michigan Health-West hospital and Grand Rapids Community College recently announced they will pay full tuition for students enrolled in the community college’s nursing program, in exchange for the guarantee that they will work two years at the hospital post-grad. 

Always a winner, Tony Annese seeks consecutive championships at Ferris State

12/15/22 FOX 17

Tony Annese has won everywhere he has been.

Four high schools, Grand Rapids Community College and the last 11 years at Ferris State.