Retirement bio of Linda Witte

Linda Witte smiling.

For the entire fourteen years Linda has served GRCC, she worked as the Program Developer/Manager for Health in the Workforce Training Department.

One of Linda’s most memorable stories about the GRCC Students she serves was Bobbi.

“We were able to capture Bobbi’s story on video and it is posted on the Medical Assistant webpage. I encourage folks to watch what she had to say. Bobbi was a single mother and homeless when in our MA Program. She is successful today as a medical assistant working in a local health system. Here’s the You Tube link: Bobbi’s perseverance through the many obstacles she experienced is inspirational to me… and Bobbi is just one of many, many students who I’ve worked with that are overcoming obstacles to work for their success.”

Linda also enjoys when she is on practicum site visits and she sees previous program graduates now serving as preceptors to current students. She has also been able to hire a few program graduates to train the future workforce.

Linda was honored to have a significant role in the first Registered Apprenticeship of an accredited Medical Assistant Program in the nation, now healthcare apprenticeship program which continues to expand and thrive around the country.

Linda will greatly miss working with her trainers who inspire her. “They always step up to do what they can to support and care for each other”.

When Linda was featured in the GRCC Today series “Here to Help” she felt honored and valued by the College.

Linda will kick off her retirement by spending a month in Florida. After that, she is looking forward to spending more time with her husband Mark, her mom, her amazing children and her super-cute twin grandgirls.

Linda reflects on her GRCC career saying:

“It has been a privilege to represent GRCC to our health employer community and to prospective students. I’ve been proud to share GRCC’s mission to meet employer workforce needs and to help students on a career path in healthcare. I’m thankful for all the ways working at GRCC grew me as a professional and as a person. I will miss my colleagues, and I wish GRCC all the best in the future.”

Congratulations and enjoy the extra grandma time Linda!

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