Posting on GRCC and Community boards

Have a poster you want put up to advertise a GRCC event? You can use the GRCC posting boards located on campus.

Have something you would like to share with the campus community not directly related to GRCC? You can use the Community posting boards located on campus.

GRCC posting boards:

  1. Please drop off 20 posters to cover the boards, if you are short of 20 we cannot put them up.
  2. Posters are put up on Thursday each week, so please plan your posters to be dropped off accordingly.
  3. Everything that goes up on the GRCC posting boards must be approved and stamped with an approval in order to go up. Posters that are not approved will be taken down.
  4. To be approved for our the GRCC posting boards, the poster MUST be affiliated with a GRCC department or a student club/organization on campus.

Community posting boards:

  1. Posters that are unaffiliated with GRCC need to go on our community boards. These are located at:
  • on the first floor of the Student center building by the elevators (2)
  • in RJF level G2 on the north end of the corridor
  • by the main entrance of GRCC Lakeshore campus

Please contact Student Life (616) 234-4160 or with any questions.

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