March has a third pay date

Did you know that twice a year there’s a third pay date in a month on our biweekly pay schedule? GRCC follows a biweekly pay schedule – which is not the same as bimonthly.

Bimonthly is twice a month, which would be 24 pay dates. We are biweekly, which is every two weeks, so that’s 26 pay dates. One of the third-pay-date months this year is in March! (The other one will be in September 2023.)

Keep in mind that items like health insurance premiums are not deducted on third pay dates, so your pay amount may be somewhat different than what you normally see. That’s the reason why! You can always reference the Payroll Schedule to keep on top of the dates. And don’t forget to review your pay stubs in the Online Center so you can compare the pay breakdowns.

If you want to learn more, there are still spots available in the upcoming professional development session Show Me the Money.

Register in your Online Center and join us this Thursday, 3/30/23, from 3-4pm in 103 Sneden.

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