Recap of March Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting

GRCC’s Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) met on Friday, March 24, from 9 a.m. to Noon.  Here is a recap of the meeting.

SLT Operations – The SLT Executive Team is working on the following three initiatives:

  • Engaging with an external consultant to inform the next steps with our Strategic Plan framework; 
  • Collaborating with the ODEI Task Force (please see below) to convene a group to inform how we define equity across GRCC; and
  • Outlining existing initiatives and a timeline for priorities and new initiatives related to our strategic goals

Regional Economic Update Presentation:

Guest presenter Randy Thelan of The Right Place, Inc. provided team members with a presentation highlighting our regional outlook and trends, peer and aspirational metropolitan area benchmarks, and industries of focus.  Please see here for the slide presentation.

Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (ODEI) Taskforce:

President Lepper introduced the newly formed ODEI Taskforce, Lina Blair, Sophia Brewer, and Kate Kryger.  This talented triad’s charge is to identify ways in which ODEI can support administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community partners to infuse “belonging” into the everyday work of GRCC, as outlined in this slide presentation.

  1. Following the presentation, SLT members in attendance participated in a MixMax discussion.
  2. Members can continue to complete the MixMax Discussion form until Monday, April 3.
  3. All College stakeholders are invited to attend the sessions listed below to continue this conversation.
  • Wednesday, April 5:
    • Staff Session: 10-11:30 a.m. in ATC 120/122
    • Student Session: noon-1:30 p.m. in ATC 120/122
    • Faculty Session: 3-4:30 p.m. in ATC 120/122
    • Community Session: 6-7:30 p.m. in 108 Sneden Hall
  • Thursday, April 13:
    • General Session: 4-6pm, ATC 120/122

HLC Reaffirmation:

To mark the occasion of being one year away from our HLC Reaffirmation visit, members watched the new video from President Lepper explaining all that’s been happening to prepare for this important accreditation visit.  Everyone in our entire GRCC community has a role to play as we move forward with this process.  Please stay tuned for more information and email Sheila Jones or Bill Faber if you’d like to volunteer to help with our communications and learning efforts.

Remo Update:

We heard from several members who attended Friday’s meeting via Remo that they experienced technical difficulties. Unfortunately, we also experienced an issue with recording the meeting and do not have a recording to provide. Our Media Technologies team is researching the issues to support our continued efforts to offer SLT meetings in a HyFlex format.  Thank you for your patience!

Meeting link:

You can view the SLT March 2023 Meeting slides here. As stated above, we experienced an issue with recording the meeting and do not have a recording to provide.  

Next Steps:

The next SLT meeting is in April.

Please contact Sheila Jones,, if you have any questions about SLT meetings or how you can get involved with SLT initiatives.

About the Strategic Leadership Team: The purpose of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is to provide a forum that enables a wide variety of college constituency groups the opportunity to provide input into the present and future direction of the College.  This team will guide the development and on-going implementation of our strategic plan, review benchmarking data, study budget realities and offer recommendations for budget priorities.  SLT’s membership includes over 90 representatives of the college community.  Please visit this page to learn more about SLT.

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