Malinda Powers named Communications Department Promotions Manager

Join us in congratulating Malinda Powers who has taken the new Promotions Manager position in the Communications Department.  Malinda has worked in the multidimensional role of Communications ESP for over twelve years. In this new role she will manage the Call Center and all public relations, social media, advertising, and website promotional activities.

2011 Call Numbers Show Interest in GRCC Continues to Soar

Calls to GRCC Year to Year - 2011

In spite of the fact that so many college processes and procedures have gone online and self-service, the call volume the college receive continues to rise.  In 2011 GRCC received 48,828 more calls than 2005, the year the college first started to digitally track call volumes.  As usual, August is the busiest month on campus as students get ready to return for the Fall semester.

Many thanks to the diligent and dedicated ESP employees of the Call Center – Bethany Tuffelmire, Magdalena Phillips as well as the student employees Leona Cookingham and Jenelle Thompson for all of their efforts to give this large institution a human voice.

Raider Salute to GRCC’s Call Center Staff

GRCC Call Center Calls by Month by Year

This salute comes from Derek DeVries in the Communications Department:

“I am grateful on a daily basis for the extraordinary employees GRCC has working for it in the Call Center.  For those unfamiliar with the office, they are the switchboard for the college and serve as the friendly and helpful voice for the college.  They work long hours under considerable pressure and maintain their composure and positive attitude even when they bear the brunt of frustration from students and community members.  Their jobs also demand that they master an encyclopedia’s worth of ever-changing information about the college.

As you can see from the graph above, the numbers are in for August, 2011 and GRCC has shattered all other previous records for phone calls received by the college.  This past month the Call Center helped 24,170 callers – a considerable increase over last year’s 21,512 and double what we received in 2005.

A hearty thank you and kudos to Bethany Tuffelmire, Magdalena Phillips, Leona Voorhees, and Jenelle Thompson.”

Call Center Handling High Volume of Calls

The week isn’t over, and GRCC’s Call Center is seeing an amazing volume of calls – particularly for summer when the campus is usually quieter and there are fewer staff working.  Not only are the sheer numbers difficult, but the sometimes-frustrated callers can be a challenge to work with.

  • Monday 1113 calls to the Call Center (353 of which were transferred to Financial Aid)
  • Tuesday 941 calls to the Call Center (296 of which were transferred to Financial Aid)

Kudos to everyone involved in our front-line customer service operations for doing more with less and getting our students access to the services and information they need.

Raider Salute: Call Center Employees

Derek DeVries in the Communications Department would like to thank the employees of the Call Center for their outstanding daily efforts that keep the channels of communication open at GRCC.  Lately their efforts have been nothing short of heroic as the college has experienced its highest call volumes in GRCC’s history two months in a row; 16,579 and a whopping 20,660 in August.

In addition to handling the veritable fire hose of calls that come in through the college’s main numbers, the Call Center employees also work hard to console and assist the angry and frustrated callers unable to reach the departments they need during these peak call times when the campus is swamped.

Kudos to Bethany Tuffelmire (ESP), Magdalena Phillips (ESP) and student employees Leona Vorhees and Gabrielle Magniant.