Photos: Vikki Cooper Receives November GRCC Spirit Award


Congratulations to Vikki Cooper, who was nominated for the GRCC Spirit Award by Cindy Martin. A quote from her nomination reads, “Vikki Cooper is very committed to excellence in her own teaching, and expects it from the teachers she works with. She is proving to be a true leader in her department, one who is highly respected. “

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GRCC Spirit Award

Nominate a colleague for the GRCC Spirit Award. This award is presented each month to a deserving GRCC employees. The purpose of this award is to celebrate and recognize those individuals who exemplify GRCC Values in action through their work at GRCC.

For complete details about the award or to nominate someone, click here.

Contact Liz Timmer in Employee Professional Development & Enrichment if you have questions.

Photo: May GRCC Spirit Award Presented

Provost Gilda Gely was presented with the GRCC Spirit Award on May 26, 2010. To quote her nomination, “Her sharp insight and guidance has helped GRCC innovate in key strategic areas of academic life that focus on responsiveness to learners and respect for all members of the GRCC Community.” Congratulations to Gilda Gely as the May 2010 GRCC Spirit Award Winner.

(Provost Gilda Gely with her nominator, Pat Ingersoll)

(Provost Gilda Gely with her nominator, Pat Ingersoll)

Looking for GRCC Spirit Award Nomination

Just a reminder that we are presenting the GRCC Spirit Award monthly. Do you have a colleague or department member that exemplifies the GRCC Values. If so, take a few minutes to nominate that special person for the GRCC Spirit Award.  Visit and complete the form. It can be done electronically! Make sure you give examples of how they exhibit 2 – 3 GRCC Values.

Video: Laura Alsgaard – Raider Spirit Award Recipient for March 2010

Laura Alsgaard, Payroll/Benefits, is the Raider Spirit Award recipient for March, 2010.  To watch the video of the award ceremony, click here.

If you would like to be notified of when the next presentation will be so you can be part of the celebration, just let Employee Professional Development & Enrichment know at . You will receive a GroupWise appointment when the date for the next presentation is determined.

Sign up for Raider Spirit Award Ceremony Email Group

Even though the GRCC Spirit Award is now presented at the department level by the recipient’s supervisor at a date and time determined by them, we want to include as many employees as possible.  If you would like to receive a GroupWise appointment when the Spirit Award is going to be presented, please send an email to  Your name will be added to an email group that will receive an appointment with the date, time and location to meet each time the Spirit Award is to be presented.

Shelly Urbane is Raider Spirit Award Winner for February 2010

Shelly Urbane Wins Raider Spirit Award

Shelly Urbane, ESP at Spectrum Theater, was presented with the February GRCC Spirit Award Wednesday afternoon during a staff meeting.  To quote from her nomination: 

“Shelly knows that the student is the most important member of our college family. She goes way beyond the norm to insure that they feel comfortable and respected. She has been instrumental in helping the Theater Department create a scholarship application, an audition/interview process for students, and an alumni reading committee to assist with play selections.  I simply cannot imagine this theater program functioning at this level of community collaboration without Shelly’s management skills.  There is nobody I would rather have as the day to day “face” of the Spectrum Theater.  Shelly is amazing.”

Raider Spirit Award Winner 1/10: Vicki Janowiak

January 2010’s Raider Spirit Award winner was Vicki Janowiak.  She was surprised at the College Planning Council meeting held Wednesday, January 27 at Sneden Hall.  From her nomination form:

“No matter what she participates in, Vicki always serves with an ‘it can be done’ attitude.  She is responsive to teams, students, individuals, and community members by representing GRCC in a positive light.  She has the gift of communication which can defuse a tense situation, share knowledge, or enlighten one’s thinking in a new direction Spirit…something that Vicki Janowiak has in abundance.”

Raider Spirit Award Winner – Janet Paasche

Congratulations to Janet Paasche, English Department Chair, on receiving the Raider Spirit Award for the month of December.  Janet was honored this morning at the Holiday Breakfast.