Anna Rose joins ISIS

Anna Rose

Anna Rose

Please welcome Anna Rose, new ESP in ISIS. Anna graduated from Cornerstone University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and completed her Master’s in Management from Cornerstone University in September of this year. Previously, she held a position through GRCC on the Lakeshore campus at Ottawa County MI Works as a Trade Program Specialist. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, and also enjoys traveling. Anna is excited for the opportunity to get to know staff on the main campus as she continues her employment with GRCC in this new role!


Welcome to GRCC!

  • Jeffrey Byrd, Educational Training Specialist, Training Solutions. Reports To: John VanElst. Effective Date: September 3, 2013.
  • Luis Rodriguez-Cruz, Custodian (Main/Cook). Reports to: Robert Green. Effective Date: September 30, 2013
  • Simon Kittok, Media Caption Technician. Reports To: Klaas Kwant. Effective Date: September 30, 2013.
  • David Fortuna Jr.,Custodian (Tassell M-TEC/ATC). Reports to: David Emelander. Effective Date: October 14, 2013.

Welcome back to GRCC

  • Anna Rose, ESP, Dean, Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies. Reports to: Patti Trepkowski. Effective Date: October 14, 2013.

On the Move

  • Willi J. McNeal (Toy), Transfer From: ESP, Director of Library Services. Transfer To: ESP, Center for Teaching Excellence. Reports To: Jeremy Osborn. Effective Date: September 3, 2013.
  • Penni Weninger, Transfer from: ESP, Associate Dean, Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies. Transfer to: ESP, Human Resources Assistant.  Reports to: Cathy Wilson. Effective Date: September 9, 2013.
  • Rhondo Cooper, Transfer from: College Success Coach/Contingency. Transfer to: Director of Upward Bound. Reports to: Diane Patrick. Effective Date: September 23, 2013.

Thank you for your service to GRCC

  • Christopher Armstrong, Police Officer. Effective Date: 9/8/2013.
  • Tara Wykstra (formerly Reitsma), Food Service Assistant. Effective Date: 9/20/13.
  • Joshua Aderholdt, Career Advancement Center Coordinator. Effective Date: October 1, 2013
  • Amr Abdel-Wahab, Senior Functional Analyst. Effective Date: October 19, 2013.

GRCC wins second in spelling bee fundraiser

The GRCC team of Ric Underhile, of the Center for Teaching Excellence, and Patti Trepkowski, from Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies, took second place in a benefit spelling bee for the Literacy Center of West Michigan.

The enthusiastic support of Provost Gilda Gely, Aleta Anderson, Fiona Hert, Tina Hoxie and John Cowles also won GRCC the Spirit Award.

Congratulations to both spellers and cheerleaders!

Faculty Professional Development Offerings from the Center for Teaching Excellence

Donuts and Distance Learning and Blackboard and Bagels 

Thursday, 11/15 from  10:00 AM – 12:30 PM, 347 Main Building.  No registration required – details here.

Adding Video to Your Course     

Friday, 11/16 from 9:00 – 10:30 AM, 351 Main Building click for details and registration.

Webinar over Lunch: Making Your Self-Produced Videos Web Accessible

Tuesday, 11/20 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM  – Noon, 316 Main Building. LUNCH INCLUDED – you must pre-register, click for details and registration.

Blackboard Interactive Rubrics    (rescheduled from 11/9)

Friday, 11/30 from 9:00 – 10:30 AM, 351 Main Building  Details and registration


Blackboard Basics Online andBlackboard Grade Center Online are always open entry, open exit. Register via email to

Blackboard Open Lab – No registration required

Mondays, 8:30 – 10:30 AM and 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, and Tuesdays, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, both in room 351 Main.


There is perpetual coffee, tea or a cool drink in 310 Main for faculty. We also usually have quiet space to grade, read or work in.  Drop in or call ahead to x2278 to see what’s available.

CTE offers i>clicker Training for Faculty this Friday

Did you know that all GRCC faculty members have the option to use clickers in their classroom? Please join us for a training on Friday morning if you’d like an introduction to this technology. You’ll learn how the i>clicker 2 works and how clickers can be used to enhance student learning.

Event: i>clicker Training

Date and Time: Friday, November 2 from 9:00-10:00am

Location: 109 Cook HallFacilitator: Lisa Gloege, Assistant Professor of Economics/Distance Learning Faculty

Register: Register online at

This event is offered through the Center for Teaching Excellence and has been approved for longevity training credit where applicable.

For assistance with registration, please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at or 616-234-2278.

Armen Award for Innovation Final Presentations – Photos and Video


On December 8,, the Armen Awards, given at GRCC’s annual innovation contest, were presented to three of the eight finalist teams for their proposals on how to reduce on-campus parking by 50% by the year 2015.

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The winners were Pam Scott, Leah vanHartesveldt and Doug vanHartesveldt for their idea, “Raiders Ride the Rapid!,” a ride-pass partnership that would allow students to take the bus and also allow GRCC and The Rapid to compile useful information on route usage. For getting first place, the team received a $3,000 cash prize.

Second place, and a $1500 prize, went to Nathaniel Shapiro, Addie Duy Dong and David Friday for “Using Hybrid Classes.” A hybrid class is a combination of online tools and regular class sessions, which require fewer class sessions – so less parking is needed – but doesn’t entirely eliminate the face-to-face meetings most students prefer.

Third place went to Cadence Mercer-Curtis, Laura K. Byers and Mary Beth Beighley for their idea, “Community Involvement,” which seeks alternative parking places and better partnership with The Rapid. The team received $750.

The contest, now in its second year, has been presented by GRCC’s Innovation Team, a subgroup of its Keller Future Center.  The contest has been funded by a long-time donor and college supporter Armen Oumedian.

Last Chance to Enter Your Innovative Idea

There are 2,285 student parking spots on our downtown campus and another 769 for staff.

Think what else we could do with all that space!

This year’s Innovation Challenge is: How might GRCC reduce the need for and use of on-campus parking by 50% by 2015? GRCC employees and students have until October 15 to enter their ideas for the Armen Awards of $3000, $1500, and $500 for the winners.

Think what you could do with all that money!

T Minus 4 Days and Counting for Innovation Challenge

It’s is never too late to be innovative.but it will be too late to win big money for your ideas in just 4 more days. Saturday is the deadline for you – or students – to enter their ideas on our parking puzzle.

The question for this year’s Innovation Challenge/Armen Award is: How might GRCC reduce the need for and use of on-campus parking by 50% by 2015?

There is a free Idea Development session today from 3-4 PM with Bill Fluharty, Design and Innovation Consultant from the Keller Future Center and all you have to do is walk in to room 316 Main and you’ll get free professional assistance. And you’ll still get to keep any money if you are the winner of the $3,000 cash. (Second Place is $1,500 and Third Place is $500.)

Also, if you’ll be in a classroom, please encourage students to look into the Innovation Challenge at

GRCC Library among 75 early adopters of new Sierra Services Platform

An annoucement was released today by California-based Innovative that a total of 75 library organizations, representing over 300 individual libraries, have entered into agreements to be partners in or early implementers of the Sierra Services Platform. GRCC is among these leaders.

Sierra development is currently focused on the new staff application interface, new features such as role-based workflows, third-party reporting options, and the open services architecture that is the foundation on which Sierra is built.

Innovative is working hard to ensure that the transition to Sierra will be as smooth as possible. For libraries using other ILS systems, Innovative’s professional services team will design, deploy, and scale a solution that fits the specific needs of the library, including new services and training programs tailored to the new functionality of Sierra. Sierra’s beta launch is scheduled for late 2011.


Changes in Interdisciplinary Studies and Instructional Support

Starting August 1, Patti Trepkowski, Associate Provost and Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies and Instructional Support (ISIS), will be dedicating her full time efforts to implement the Academic Program Review process and to systematically document evidence our students are meeting the learning outcomes that faculty established in their courses and programs. Patti will work with the Curriculum Specialist that we will be hiring in early fall. The Curriculum Specialist is meant to be a position to support all faculty members in developing, reviewing and assessing curriculum.

This position was created using funding that became available when Dr. Rick Olsen retired last June. In her role, Patti will manage the academic program review process, new program development, CARPs and course revisions. She will also collect, analyze and organize the evidence from the assessment projects that faculty include as part of the program review process.

In order to provide Patti the opportunity to support faculty in this process, Dr. Ric Underhile, Associate Dean of ISIS, will be supervising the Center for Teaching Excellence, Experiential Learning, Distance Learning, the Library, the Futures Center, the faculty evaluation process, and the Learning Environment Team. Dr. Laurie Chesley, Dean of Arts and Sciences, will replace Patti at the Executive AGC Committee, Dr. Mike Vargo, Interim, Associate Dean of Operations for Arts and Sciences, will substitute Patti leading the Bookstore/Textbook ordering team and Dr. John Cowles, Associate Dean for Counseling, Advising and Retention will serve as liaison for the Noorthoek Academy.

There will be no change in titles or compensation for any of the individuals involved. We ask that you continue supporting these individuals as in the past. Thanks!

Dr Ronald Ferugson at GRCC to Speak on Achievement Gap – Photos


Last night, Dr. Ronald Ferguson, Professor of Education and Public Policy, and faculty co-chair and director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University, spoke in GRCC’s ATC Auditorium to a capacity crowd on “Excellence with equity: a social movement for the 21st century.”

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GRCC In The News – 7/1/11

Design-informed Innovation: Human-centered Design the Basis for Innovation at Amway

Monday, June 27, 2011
By Joe Boomgaard | MiBiz

(Editor’s note: The Amway Business Innovations Team, along with the Keller Futures Center of Grand Rapids Community College, sponsored a no-cost, three-day educational session on human-centered design at GRid70 in early June. MiBiz Managing Editor Joe Boomgaard was invited to participate in the event. The interviews with Amway’s Seth Starner for this story took place before the session. )

GRAND RAPIDS — Innovation can be a tough nut to crack. It can be even tougher when you have the title of Manager of Business Innovations at a $9.2 billion private company and your job is to learn new methods of innovating and then spread them throughout the corporate culture

How to Get Help for Those Caring for Aging Parents

Published: Monday, June 27, 2011, 6:29 AM     Updated: Monday, June 27, 2011, 4:53 PM

By Matt Vande Bunde   Grand Rapids Press

After their mother rehabilitated in a nursing home following a stroke in 2004, Linda Engelking and Judy Meulenberg knew they wanted to care for her at home. At the time, that’s about all they knew…

“It’s a very significant trend and, with our aging population, it’s only increasing,” said Mike Faber, director of the Older Learner Center at Grand Rapids Community College. “Adult children aren’t talking to their parents about these issues often enough. We’re kind of an avoidance culture. We stick our head in the sand, and we wait until something so bad happens that we can’t wait anymore.

Tinas Two Minutes – Week 3 (Link Fixed)

Here’s Tina’s Two Minutes – Week 3 the Keller Futures Center project:

Tina’s Two Minutes – Week 3

In this video, Tina Hoxie, Dean of Students, gives an update on the GRCC Career Services project that the Keller Futures Center is currently working on. This week, project participants brought back information from interviews with over 450 end users and created needs statements based on their research. Tina encourages faculty and staff to visit the project’s Facebook page to answer three questions related to career development to further aid in this research. Please visit the Facebook page this week.