Raider Salute for ESP Learning Day

A Raider Salute from Jessica Berens, in Human Resources:

ESP Learning Day 2015 – Thank you!

Thank you to Tamber Bustance, Chris Arnold, and Eric Williams in the Woodrick Diversity Learning Center for presenting at the 2015 ESP Learning Day! You did an outstanding job. This event could not have happened without the help of Klaas Kwant and Tim Zerfas in Media, Bayard Brooks and Becky Yoder in ATC Conference Services, Josh Ferguson and his staff in Secchia Banquet Services, and Julie Otte and Jennifer Kelly in Staff Development. It was a wonderful event because of the support from an amazing team. Thank you all!

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Raider Salute to Chris Allen, Luanne Wedge, Haley Spencer

A Raider Salute from Magdalena Montes-Spruit, of Student Support Services:

We would like to extend a Raider Salute to Chris Allen, Luanne Wedge, and Haley Spencer of Student Employment Services for conducting a special Resume Workshop for students applying to the University of Michigan and the Summer 2015 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). On behalf of TRIO/Student Support Services and our students, we want to say thank you!

Raider Salute to Wellness First Aid student

A Raider Salute from Melanie Schiele-Gady:

A Raider Salute needs to be extended to a GRCC student, Helena Nguyen.  Helena is currently a student in a Wellness First Aid class, who over the weekend was able to stay calm and help a customer who was having a Seizure at her place of work.  She placed the 911 call and then went through the seizure protocols taught to her in the class.  Congratulations, Helena, on making a difference! 

Raider Salute to all who helped with Holiday Breakfast

A Raider Salute from Julie Otte:

Huge Shout Out and High Five to the employees at the Ford Fieldhouse, Media Technologies and Creative Dining for all of their tireless help and work to make the Holiday Breakfast a success! It’s a little-known fact that it takes an entire village to put on a Holiday Breakfast – and I’m so grateful for those who helped!

Raider Salute to Stacey Herrick

The Campus LGBT Task Force wants to send out a Raider Salute to Stacey Herrick for searching throughout the entire campus to identify all the single-stall, locking bathrooms. In order to increase safe restroom access for transgender and other campus community members who may feel uncomfortable or unsafe utilizing female- or male-designated restrooms, the identified restrooms will all be labeled “unisex” (i.e., gender-inclusive). A listing of their locations are currently posted online:

We will soon have these locations posted on select departmental web sites as well. Thanks, Stacey!!

Raider Salute to Criminal Justice students, staff, faculty

Please help provide a warm Raider Salute to any Criminal Justice student, staff and faculty member whom you encounter. In the spirit of giving back, the CJ team donated over 330 lbs of food and bathroom essentials for the student pantry.

A BIG thank you from the Office of Student Life and Conduct!

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Raider Salute for help with suicide prevention program

A Raider Salute from Ellen Stuart, from the Nursing Department:

We would like to thank the entire staff at the ATC in helping to make our conference a success on Saturday the 22nd. Although we had inclement weather in the early morning, about 60 people gathered to hear Christy Buck, Executive Director of the Mental Health Foundation, deliver a powerful message about the need to reduce the stigma related to mental health disorders and the treatment of these disorders. A panel of survivors bravely expressed how they are coping with their losses in constructive ways. The six nursing students from the Transcultural Community Nursing course (AD 248)  helped in a variety of ways to make valuable contributions, which were appreciated by the community gathered.


Raider Salute for help with bake sale fundraiser

The TRiO Program, Student Support Services and Penni Weninger would like to send a Raider Salute out to Culinary Program Director Dan Gendler, Chef Mike Whitman, Support Professional Marcia Arp and especially our bakery students who provided the delectable goodies for our fundraiser last week. Despite the terrible weather, we were able to raise almost enough to sponsor a year’s tuition at the Power of Education Fund School in Haiti for our sponsored student, Mikerlange Abraham. GRCC WORKS!

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Raider Salute from former trustee Jan Maggini

Former Board of Trustee member Jan Maggini, who graduated from Grand Rapids Junior College in 1956,  served on the centennial committee and is a member of the Foundation board:

I would personally like to thank all the students, volunteers, staff, faculty and committee members who have worked so diligently this centennial year to give meaning to the word “community” in Grand Rapids Community College. Every event this year exemplifies your passion and dedication. The thrill of being at the Gala and walking along the timeline is only matched by the evening the voters of Kent County voted to redistrict GRJC to GRCC in 1991. It was an honor to be associated with the college then as it still is in 2014. When I left the Board of Trustees three years ago, I expressed my feeling, ” You may leave the college, but the college will never leave you!” That surely was evident at the Gala.

Sto Lat! (May the college live another hundred years).

Raider Salute to those involved in the 100th Gala

A Raider Salute from the Centennial Steering Committee to everyone who helped with this week’s gala:

How to sum up the event in one word?  It was EPIC! This Raider Salute is to EVERYONE who participated in the 100th Anniversary Gala- whether you worked, volunteered or attended.  Each and everyone involved, in any way, contributed to the success of the event: $1.3 million raised for student scholarships! Kudos to the Foundation staff for orchestrating the event to perfection!


Raider Salute to Scott Miklaszewski, culinary department

Tassell M-TEC’s “Pizza Garden Team” gives a Raider Salute to Scott Miklaszewski and the culinary staff:  He stepped up to help on the grill outside when we thought we were drowning in sixth-graders and not enough cooked pizza!  Another shout out to the Culinary Department, which made all the pizza crusts in support of our pizza garden adventure.