S drive problems, Carters’ lecture prompt Raider Salutes

We have two Raider Salutes today!

The first comes from Debra Stout in Workforce Training:  I would like to salute Dale Betts and Dan Guajardo. Both came to our rescue when the S drive went down and we lost all our CNA appointments scheduled in the spreadsheet and stored on the S drive.  

The second was prompted by Monday’s Diversity Lecture Series presentation by President and Mrs. Carter:  It took many hands to pull off Monday’s diversity lecture with President and Mrs. Carter. The president’s office would like to acknowledge that effort, and salute those who took time from their regular work to make the evening a success!



Raider Salute to Campus Police

A Raider Salute from the Office of Student Life and Conduct: Did you know Saturday, September 20th, is Thank a Police Officer Day? Since we won’t be here, we wanted to send a shoutout today to all of GRCC’s dedicated, hard-working officers. We thank you for all you do on a daily basis to support our students and serve our community. We appreciate you every day!!


Raider Salute to Marcia, Ziad Rango

A Raider Salute from Dan Gendler was prompted by this week’s Restaurant Week kickoff of a “Guess-the-Ingredients” competition at GRCC:

Marcia Rango and SICE graduate and husband Ziad are the two chefs that put together the Restaurant Week tasting plates for the competition. The two of them, along with Jared Funk and Mike Kidder, did a phenomenal job in helping us add more scholarship money to the already huge $75,000 pot!

Thank you!


Raider Salute to Mary Myles

The GRCC Exercise Science Department wants to say thank you to Mary Myles, student employee with the Exercise Science Department, and extend a Raider Salute.

Words to describe Mary:

  • Work Ethic — Amazing!
  • Teamwork — could not ask for a better team player!
  • Suggestions — always open to giving and providing positive suggestions that better our department.

Thank you, Mary!

Raider Salute to Dominic Dorsey, Don VanOeveren

This Raider Salute goes to Dominic Dorsey, director of accessibility, and Don VanOeveren, of the Computer Information Systems Department, for their significant donations to the Student Food Pantry.

Just as a reminder: The Office of Student Life and Conduct is always accepting donations for the pantry. While the number of students served in the summer is lower than fall and winter, there are still many who need our help. Please consider picking up a few items on your next grocery shopping trip. It can be one, two or 50 items — it all helps!

Raider Salute to those attending adjunct event

adjunct1A Raider Salute from Lydia Cruz:

I would like to commend the following staff members who participated in our adjunct event that was held on Saturday, May, 17, 2014:

Amy Robinson, Angie Ramirez, Betsy McKinney, Bill Faber, Cedric Williams, Chad Sytsma, Christine Davis, Dan Clark, Dan Zehr, Dana Sammons, David Evanoski, Dewayn Faber, Gordon Vurusic, Jessica Berens, Jim Fox, Jonathan Larson, Josefina Saldivar, Kate Kryger, Laurie Foster, Lisa Donaldson, Lisa Gloege, Mary Godfrey, Melissa Polanco-Nunez, Paula Sullivan, Penni Weninger, Sang Lee, Shanna Goff, Susan Williams, Tim Zerfas, Tina Kilgore, Todd Tiano

A Raider Salute to everyone for the important role that you played in making this another successful event! Thank you!



Raider Salute to Printing and Graphics

“They are wonderful.  Polite to work with and extremely helpful and reasonably priced.  Everyone on campus should take advantage of our printing services on Campus.  They even have a graphic designer that will help you design invitations and such.  🙂 Great service GRCC provides their employees.”

-Robin Kritzman

Raider Salute to ‘My eBill’ committee

From Erica Brown, My eBill project manager:

A Raider Salute to the My eBill Committee, whose hard work and dedication to this project has made it a huge success!

I especially want to thank Jamie Hitchings, Kevin Perrin, and Malinda Powers for going above and beyond their committee duties to ensure the project was successfully completed. I also want to thank Amanda Kossack (GRCC ePrint), Klaas Kwant (Media), and student workers from Cashier’s Office, Financial Aid, Records Office, and Student Employment Services who weren’t a part of the committee, but still helped me with the project. I couldn’t have completed this project without your help!


Raider Salute to Evan Macklin, Campus Activities Board, Danielle Nyland

A HUGE recognition to Evan Macklin, Campus Activities Board and Danielle Nyland for making it possible for the Lakeshore Campus to host its first ever Finals Relaxer Week! Evan and the CAB funded the food and T-shirts, but if it were not for the logistical efforts of Danielle Nyland, this would not have been feasible at all of our locations. The comments received from students and faculty have been nothing but positive. Thank you for making this happen!

Raider Salute to Finals Relaxers planners and volunteers

Please help Student Life provide a warm Raider Salute to all the people that helped pull off a successful student Finals Relaxer event yesterday:

Fieldhouse Staff

Rick VanderVeen, Michael Boerman & Charles Wells

All the student employees and lifeguards

*Helped manage all the back-end operations that goes into hosting an event at the fieldhouse

Campus Police Staff
Officer Peters, Officer Myers, Officer Kritzman. Chief Whitman

*Kept the environment safe

Facilities Staff

Becky Yoder, Oene Pomper, Jim Schultz, Dale Young, Pat Baldridge & Mark Boverhof

All the student employees

*Setup all of our electrical, table, and chair needs as well as reserved the space

Campus Dining Staff

Daniel Zehr, Keaton Krupa, Nancy Rutledge, & Erin Gauthier

All the student employees

*Provided excellent catering services

Human Resources Staff

Angie Pena

*Coordinated two Zumba lessons for students.

Presidents Office & Student Life Staff

Misty McClure Anderson, Paulo Teles, Molly Maczka, Liz Tyrell and Sara Dorer


There were over 450 students that attended the event. As you can see, it takes a whole army to make it work. The students, staff and faculty really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with one another.

Raider Salute to facilities staff

Ric Underhile and Langston Gant want to give Vicki Janowiak, Bob Green Jr., Dewayne Faber, and Bryan Door a Raider Salute for going above and beyond the call of duty to help ISIS with their relocation to Lettinga. The process has been laborious on their end, but virtually seamless for ISIS. We thank and appreciate your responsiveness, excellence, and integrity very much!