14 tutors earn certification

A total of 14 tutors fulfilled the training, experience and other requirements for College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Level I certification. CRLA is a national organization of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level. The Academic Support Center would like to recognize the following tutors for completing College Reading & Learning Association Level I certification during the Fall 2014 semester:

Business & Accounting Tutorial Lab

Shaun Carter

Appointment Based Tutoring

Evan Williams

Chelsie MacIntosh

Eric Schuemann

Ashley Maas

Language Arts Tutorial Lab

Ismael Ramos-Marquez

Audrey Moore

Jacob Urlaub

Tina Wierckz

Rachel Curtis

Mathematics Tutorial Lab

Marc Rasmussen

Manuel Garcia Abonza

Minh-Huy Radics

Daniel Gebrezgiabhier

Academic Support Center hosts tutor training

On January 6, 2015, the Academic Support Center offered its semiannual tutor training to 29 new tutors.

During the event, new tutors experienced a “Role of the Tutor” session presented by Don VanOeveren; a session exploring the “12 Steps of Tutoring” presented by Jeff Stone; a scavenger hunt of the different tutoring centers on campus; an interactive activity helping new tutors identify diverse learning styles and improve communication skills; the “Run, Hide, Fight” presentation by Officer Tony Myers; and a session of interactive tutoring scenarios facilitated by Holly Hoare and Colleen Copus.

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GRCC In the News, 9-17-14

Who’s riding the Rapids new Silver Line

Sept. 16, 2014; FOX 17

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The new Rapid Silver Line buses hit the road late August, promising a shorter commute down one of the busiest stretches into downtown Grand Rapids.

… Rapid officials say Medical Mile employees and Grand Rapids Community College students make up a bigger percentage of the Silver Line Riders.

CultureMesh builds cultural networks for those a long way from home

Sept. 16, 2014; siliconprairienews.com

OMAHA — America has been known as the melting pot of creeds and cultures since the early 1900s. After more than a century, the nickname remains relevant today.

… “When I was a student at Grand Rapids Community College, I was hired as a campus academic tutor, and my first student was from Ethiopia who needed help with English,” (Ken) Chester said. “I thought, ‘This person is totally different than me; they won’t want to talk.'”

College Notebook: Locals hit D-1 links

Sept. 16, 2014; Battle Creek Enquirer

The Lakeview High School boys and girls golf teams have been perennial powers in the area, thanks in part to a steady stream of talent to come through each program.

… (Jared) Multer transferred to the Eastern Michigan University men’s golf team after two years playing at Grand Rapids Community College. The junior currently sports a 74.33 average over six rounds for the Eagles. He was in action Tuesday at the Golfweeks Conference Challenge in Burlington, Iowa.

Schedule set for tutorial/computer labs

The only Tutorial/Computer lab that is open this week is the ATC Tutorial & Open Computer Lab. On Monday, August 26th, all labs will be open for when classes begin.

Cook Academic Hall Phase 1 Construction Update

The fourth and fifth floors of Cook are being completely renovated, and the project is nearing completion! Furniture and equipment installation is scheduled for August 5 through 14, with finishing touches scheduled for the week of August 19. These floors will both be complete for the start of the fall semester!

The fourth floor will now support Nursing, the Occupational Therapy Assistant program and Workforce Training instruction with new bed labs, general-purpose learning environments and a state-of-the-art simulation lab. The Health Sciences Resources and Tutoring lab will be located on this floor, with expanded computer resources and study spaces for student use. There is also a secure room for breast feeding activities on the fourth floor available to GRCC students and employees.

The fifth floor will have 12 general-purpose classrooms and several smaller study spaces and breakout rooms for small group use. The Reading, Writing and Language Arts Tutoring Lab will also be located on this floor, with expanded computer lab services for individuals and entire classes. Two new computer labs have been added!

Both floors will now have a business center, providing faculty with access to computers, phone and printing resources close to classrooms!
Restroom facilities on both floors have been completely renovated as well.

Construction Update: Pardon Our Dust

This summer begins a busy construction season as phase one of Cook Hall renovations begin this summer. We ask for your flexibility with noise and construction traffic, and we will give as much forewarning and accommodation as we are able. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Vicki Janowiak at extension 3565 or vjanowia@grcc.edu

Both Cook Hall and Main Building renovations are considered the first phase of two phase projects. Fall 2013 and winter 2014 construction phases will include Sneden Hall and the Learning Resource Center.

Here is the construction schedule, much of which begins today:

Cook Hall Capital Outlay Project:

  • G2 and G1 parking ramps are unavailable (effective May 1).
  • Contractors will begin placing Dumpsters for demolition on Bostwick Commons and in Winchester Alley today.
  • Staging equipment is being placed on Bostwick Commons, Winchester Alley and in Cook Hall.
  • Evacuation of the fourth and fifth floors of Cook will be completed this week of May 6; two Dumpsters will be placed on Bostwick Avenue and several in Winchester Alley.
  • Demolition and material deliveries for the fourth and fifth floors begin May 8; double shifts will allow demolition to be complete in five days.
  • The third floor will be retained for dental programs only the first seven weeks of summer, then the demolition and construction cycle begins.
  • The Cool Hall elevator will be dedicated to construction use beginning May 13; pedestrian traffic will be directed to the Main Building elevators.

Main Building Bond Funded Project:

  • Demolition and construction preparations begin today.
  • Will receive fire suppressant and new windows throughout.
  • The second and fourth floors will be construction zones and off limits.
  • The Lake Michigan Credit Union will be closed July 22 through Aug. 9; otherwise, access will be maintained though the construction zone.
  • Winchester Alley will be closed behind Cook Hall, although open for GRCCePrint, AT&T and St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
  • The English department has moved to CPP; you’ll find its offices on fhe fourth and fifth floors.
  • The health tutoring lab has moved to CSC 103.
  • Language arts and math tutoring labs have all moved to the Learning Resource Center.
  • The business tutoring lab is in the Applied Technology Center.

The renderings included here show what Cook Hall will look like after two years:

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Academic Support Options for Students at GRCC (Video)

GRCC offers a wide variety of academic support opportunities for students to help them overcome the challenges of college-level coursework.  The Media Technologies department recently produce several informational videos highlighting our outstanding Tutorial Labs and support staff:

Calculus and Physical Science Tutorial Lab

Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab

Math Tutorial Lab

GRCC Library & Learning Commons

Excellence in Education Staff Award Winner Laurie Witczak


The winner of the Staff Excellence in Education Award for 2011 was Laurie Witczak in the Tutoring Department.

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From her nomination form:

  • “You hold yourself to extremely high standards and you manage to keep everything running smoothly without sacrificing efficiency or quality.”
  • “You understand that each student comes to GRCC with different needs, skills and abilities.  You work with each student and are able to bring out their strengths and encourage them to grow.”
  • “You are always willing to look at a situation or problem and think outside the box to come up with creative solutions that will work for everyone.”

Video of Laurie’s well-received acceptance of the award available here:


CRLA Tutoring Certification

The Academic Support Center’s tutorial labs and one-on-one tutoring programs are now certified with the College Reading and Learning Association, a nationwide association that certifies high-quality tutorial programs. Due to development of its training and tutorial programs, all tutors who complete the Academic Support’s training program can become certified CRLA tutors.