Mechanical Design Student see Welding at Tassell M-TEC

The students in DR 180-Mechanical Concepts class from the Mechanical/Architectural Design department had the chance to see how the different welding processes work at Tassell M-TEC today.  These students are studying how parts are manufactured so as they design them in our program, they understand how they will be made.  This class is part of our Mechanical Certificate as well as our Associate degree at GRCC.  Our students were able to see Nick Pinckney perform various techniques using the TIG welder on multiple materials.  John Doneth and Mike Cooper had the students try out welding themselves using the Virtual Welders.

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President of American Welding Society Speaks at GRCC – Photos


Yesterday, John Mendoza, President of the American Welding Society stopped by GRCC’s Tassell M-TEC on a tour of welding programs throughout Michigan. His mission is to share with students the possibilities for careers in the welding field, and he spoke to GRCC Welding students about the career advancement options they have available to them.

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