Physical Sciences hosts STEM event

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Last month, the Physical Sciences Department hosted a collaborative public outreach event led by faculty and students from GRCC and Van Andel Institute. The event, titled “Fall in Love With STEM” was part of a series of similar events sponsored by the Association of Women in Science West Michigan chapter. The GRCC site featured a unique “Exploration Station” format, where middle-school-aged registrants investigated scientific disciplines across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, making this a true STEM event.

From the Physical Sciences Department, Assistant Professor Ashley Campanali led a station on engineering and Assistant Professor Lauren Woolsey led a station on astronomy. From the Mathematics Department, GRCC student Rachel Swem led her own station on mathematics and game theory. From the Biological Sciences Department, Professor Leigh Kleinert organized a station that was run entirely by the following GRCC students as part of their service learning program: Shelsy DeLeon-Lopez, Afrika Earvin, Alma Garcia-Bautista, Mollie Hettinger, Brendan Howe, Jenna Meyers, Mauricio Perez, Monica Rivera, Taylor Swift, Megan Thomas, and Ana Villagomez.

Sincere thanks and congratulations to all those involved, including the countless volunteers and support staff who made this event possible! Other station leaders include Alison Bernstein (MSU), Jamie Grit (VAI), Marie Adams (VAI), Allie Weber (VAI), and Jacqueline Peacock (FSU). Julie Turner led the VAI logistics and event registration, and Lauren Woolsey led the GRCC logistics and event setup. Photos in this post were taken by Katie Krajnak from VAI. Dozens of families attended this inaugural event, and we look forward to expanding the event in future years!

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College Channel programming through March 24

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The latest schedule, through March 24, for the College Channel includes Nancy Forrest’s Mathematics Seminar presentation.

Women’s Issues Now sponsors art exhibit

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The GRCC’s Women’s Issues Now student club is hosting the annual student-run art exhibit “What Does Feminism Mean to You?” in the Art Gallery in GRCC’s Main Building.

The exhibit runs:

  • Monday 1-7 p.m.
  • Tuesday 3-7 p.m.
  • Wednesday 1-7 p.m.
  • Thursday 12:15-2:15 p.m. and 4-7 p.m.

Raider Salute to Bryan Door

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A Raider Salute from Bill Faber in Physical Sciences:

I wanted to give a Raider Salute to Bryan Door from IT for his fast response time for a computer issue I had last night after my class.  Bryan came over and dropped off a replacement part in the evening that I needed for my early morning class.  Strong work Bryan!

College Scheduler: New software makes class scheduling quick and easy

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We know how challenging it is for students to find classes that fit their busy schedule. College Scheduler is a new tool in the online center for student to use to make the perfect class schedule quickly with no pen and paper, and no pain. Watch this video to learn how it works.

The low-cost textbook feature is coming soon, so continue to encourage students to use Classfinder to search for classes that offer these low or no cost online textbook options. Once in Classfinder, students should click the “Open Educational Resource” checkbox.

Valley City Linen scholarship winners announced

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Congratulations to Secchia Institute for Culinary Education students Jesse Ortiz and Jarrod Benjamin who each received a scholarship from Valley City Linen.  Jeff Jeltema, Vice President of Valley City Linen, presented the students with the award this morning.  Thank you to Valley City Linen for their continued support of students enrolled in our culinary institute.

VCL photo 3

SPACE: A Journey to Our Future

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Collegiate reporter Nichole Quigley shares details about the SPACE: A Journey to Our Future exhibit at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. 

Exhibit: What Does Feminism Mean to You?

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The GRCC’s Women’s Issues Now student club is hosting the annual student-run art exhibit “What Does Feminism Mean to You?” in the Art Gallery in GRCC’s Main Building.

The exhibit runs:

  • 1-7 p.m. Monday.
  • 3-7 p.m. Tuesday.
  • 1-7 p.m. Wednesday.
  • 12:15-2:15 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. Thursday.

GRCC In the News, 3-17-17

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Marchers take over GR to honor Cesar Chavez
3/16/17 WOOD TV
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Hundreds of people gathered in Grand Rapids Thursday to honor labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar E. Chavez.
… This year’s honorees were Aquinas College President Juan Olivarez and Grand Rapids Community College President Steven Ender.

IIPD Grant Applications are due on March 17, 2017, at 4:30 pm.

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The deadline for the submission of grant applications for the Instructional Improvement & Professional Development (IIPD) Grants program is 4:30 p.m., March 17, 2017.  Information about how to apply for an IIPD grant can be found at this website: IIPD Application and Guidelines. Please note that applications must include Dean’s and Department Head Approval forms, a budget form and budget documentation. If you have any questions about IIPD grants, please contact Judith Larsen, Director, Grants and Resource Development Department, at 234-3910 or Good luck!

GRCC In the News, 3-16-17

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‘Yes for Kids’ millage campaign to expand career training, tech courses kicks off

March 15, 2017; WZZM

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – The Strong Schools, Strong Communities proposal on the May 2017 ballot has launched its official campaign ‘Yes for Kids’ on Wednesday.

… Community members, campaign supporters, school superintendents, teachers, parents and students were all in attendance, along with Grand Rapids Community College Vice President and Dean of School of Workforce Development Bill Pink; Grand Rapids Public Schools Board Member Maureen Slade; and DeWys Manufacturing CEO Jon DeWys to learn more about the proposal.

‘Una vita in cucina’, a Castellana sfida ai fornelli per 12 team internazionali di studenti

March 15, 2017; Baritoday

Studenti degli istituti alberghieri di tutto il mondo arrivano a Castellana per il concorso “Una vita in cucina” 20 24 marzo 2017

Portogallo, Serbia, Messico, Stati Uniti, Regno Unito e, naturalmente, Italia. Gli studenti dei 12 migliori istituti alberghieri nel mondo si ritrovano a Castellana Grotte, nelle cucine della scuola “Consoli”, per provare a vincere il titolo di “miglior chef e pasticciere” al concorso “Una vita in cucina”. La competizione, che si terrà dal 20 al 24 marzo prossimo, è stata presentata questa mattina dallassessore allIstruzione, Formazione e Lavoro della Regione Puglia Sebastiano Leo, dal presidente della Fondazione Consoli Edoardo Consoli , dal dirigente dellIstituto Angelo Consoli Giuseppe Vernì e dall’assessore metropolitano ai Beni culturali Francesca Pietroforte.

… Le squadre – Le squadre saranno composte da due allievi e un team coach che avrà esclusivamente funzioni di coordinamento e supporto. Gli istituti che partecipano  sono il B. Scappidi Castel San Pietro Terme, il G. Varnelli di Cingoli, l’IPAA F. Todaro – ITE V. Cosentinodi Rende, il Luigi Einaudidi Canosa di Puglia, l’E. Cornaro di Jesolo, il “Perotti di Bari, il “Moro di Santa Cesarea Terme, l’Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Portoa Porto, il College of Hotel Management di Belgrado in Serbia, l’Instituto Culinario De Mexico a Puebla in Messico, il Secchia Institutefor CulinaryEducation del Grand Rapids Community College nel Michigan, Stati Uniti e il City of Glasgow College a Glasgow in Scozia.

(Puglia Sebastian Leo, the chairman of the Consoli Edward Jones Foundation, the Institute’s director “Angelo Consoli” Giuseppe Vernì and the Councillor for Cultural Heritage metropolitan Francesca Pietroforte.

… Teams – Teams will be composed by two students and a coach that team will have only coordination and support. The institutions involved are the “B. Run away “of Castel San Pietro Terme, the” G. Varnelli “of tracks, l ‘” IPAA F. Todaro – ITE V. Cosentino “of Rende, the” Luigi Einaudi “of Canosa di Puglia, the’ ‘E. Cornaro “di Jesolo,” Perotti “in Bari, the” Moro “Santa Cesarea Terme, l ‘” Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto “in Porto, the” College of Hotel Management “from Belgrade in Serbia, l'” Culinary Instituto De Mexico “in Puebla, Mexico, the” Secchia Institutefor CulinaryEducation “the Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, United States and the” City of Glasgow College “in Glasgow in Scotland.)

LAFCU appoints Shupe as chief lending officer

March 14, 2017; The Ionia Sentinel-Standard

LANSING — LAFCU has announced the appointment of Michael “Mic” Shupe as chief lending officer.

… A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Shupe holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He also earned an associate degree in fine arts from Grand Rapids Community College. He has held certification as an alpine patroller through the National Ski Patrol since 2012.

From virtual reality to online libraries, how technology is revolutionizing education in GR

March 16, 2017;

If you could work in any field you wanted and money wasn’t a factor, what would you be?

… Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies at GVSU, has spent the last 24 years focused on technology in higher education. He has led Grand Rapids Community College’s online learning efforts into the digital age, and left as director of the college’s distance learning department to pursue his dreams at GVSU.


RaiderCard reminders

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Employee RaiderCard reminders:

  • If you have changed departments, roles, or your name, you can get a replacement RaiderCard free of charge at Student Life!* Changes must be on record with Human Resources.
  • You can check your balance and add funds online at the RaiderCard eAccounts website.
  • If your card is damaged, it will be replaced free of charge.*
  • If you have lost your card, there is a $10.00 replacement fee.

*Must bring in current RaiderCard to get a free replacement.


SICE students, faculty member attend GRBJ function

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Three Craft Brewing, Packaging and Service Operations students and adjunct faculty member Amanda Harper (along with other GRCC faculty and staff) attended the Grand Rapids Business Journal’s Top Women Owned Businesses luncheon at Frederick Meijer Gardens on Wednesday, March 15.  They enjoyed the presentation by keynote speaker Rhonda Kallman (co-founder of The Boston Beer Company and founder and CEO of Boston Harbor Distillery) and were able to meet her after the lunch.

Five women stand in a row.

SLT Profile: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Team

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The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program team monitors, evaluates and makes recommendations for improvement to the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP) that is developed and implemented for students and employees.

Members include:

  • Tina Hoxie, Student Affairs
  • Jessica Berens, Human Resources
  • Becky Whitman, Campus Police
  • Lynnell Talbert, Criminal Justice
  • Emily Nisley, Assoc. Professor/Counselor
  • Ann Isackson and Paul Doane, Financial Aid
  • Ryan Nausieda, Enrollment Center
  • Donna Kragt and Bruce Morrison, Institutional Research
  • Lina Blair and Jonathan Blackwell,  Student Life
  • Kimberly DeVries, General Counsel
  • Raynard Ross, Student Success & Retention Services
  • William Firn, Interim Athletic Director

In the past year the this team has:

  • Submitted an annual report to Cabinet for input and approval.
  • Evaluated the prevention program, making recommendations for changes.
  • Incorporated Title IX changes, policy review, and implementation staff
    online training.
  • Offered programming during Welcome Week each semester and during and winter semester.
  • Emailed compliance notifications to all registered students and employees.
  • Coordinated student awareness programming
  • Conducted Student-Athlete Orientation with coach participation.

In the coming year they plan to:

  • Improve the awareness and training for employees through feedback.
  • Improve the notification open rate for students.
  • Increase the awareness of program offerings for students through an online solution and existing departmental programs.

GRCC Formation Retreat canceled for 2017

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The GRCC Formation Retreat for 2017 has been canceled due to the facility being under construction. We hope to offer this opportunity again in 2018. If you have any questions please contact HR/Staff Development at