Network Drive Usage

The GRCC Information Technology department hopes 2019 finds you well and that you are enjoying our wonderful winter weather.

Thinking ahead to the warmer weather, it may be time for a bit of spring cleaning, at least in your personal network drives. Make sure your J Drive and Google Drive are being used with GRCC best practices in mind. Ensure your drives adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Store only content relevant to GRCC
  • Move any personal files, not relevant to GRCC to an external storage drive
  • Remove files that are out of date and no longer needed
  • Move large files NOT containing personally identifiable information from the J drive to Google Drive

Let’s continue to make our network drive usage be relevant and responsive. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the Support Desk at or (616) 234-4357.

Security Awareness Newsletter

Every month the Information Security Team will be releasing a newsletter containing information for GRCC students, staff, and faculty regarding Information Security Awareness. Content may include: updates in data security on campus, best practices for keeping information secure, and other important topics on information security.

The August 2018 Security Awareness newsletter is now available.

Michigan Association of Continuing Education and Training Educators visit GRCC

Members of the Michigan Association of Continuing Education and Training Educators are at Grand Rapids Community College today, wrapping up a three-day event that explored best practices and better serving communities.

One of the sessions included a panel discussion from community college presidents from across the state, talking about the state’s Marshall Plan for growing a talented workforce and developing innovative approaches to career training.

The panel included GRCC President Bill Pink, Macomb Community College President James Sawyer IV, Mott Community College President Beverly Walker-Griffea, and Lake Michigan College President Trevor Kubatzke.

President Bill Pink addressing the room during a panel-led discussion on the Marshall Plan at GRCC. The projected image behind the panelists shows a paved road through the woods with the words, "What's the use of running if you're not on the right road..."

Video: Social Media Best Practices

This video comes from a training session offered by the Learning Academy on best practices for using social media presented by Derek DeVries in the Communications Department.  For more information, visit Derek’s blog (which focuses on communication, technology and higher education) at

(PS – It’s weird writing about yourself in the third person – I feel like Dion Sanders).