Honors Program welcomes 30 new students

The Honors Program Orientation was held on Thursday, May 16, welcoming 30 new students to GRCC and to the Honors Program. Students and their families were provided dinner, information on the Honors Program, a campus tour, advising support when registering for classes as well as a resource presentation for parents. The event was made possible by the amazing efforts of our Orientation Team, Experiential Learning staff, Honors faculty, Honors Student Ambassadors, Instructional Support, advising faculty and Financial Aid staff.  Additional kudos to the catering team, photographer, Printing Services and graphics designer.

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Pre-proposals for Study Away experiences due Feb. 1

The Department of Experiential Learning is now accepting Pre-Proposals for short-term travel experiences during the Summer 2020 semester.

Full-time faculty submit a Pre-Proposal outlining the initial details of the travel experience (locations, budget, dates of travel, and how the experience meets course outcomes). This form is due Friday, February 1.

Upon approval of the Pre-Proposal, faculty then submit the Full-Proposal, which fleshes out more details of the travel experience. The Full-Proposal is due Monday, April 1.

If you have any questions regarding the creation of a short-term travel experience (Study Away), please contact the Study Away Faculty Coordinator, Hillery Haney at hhaney@grcc.edu or 616-234-4380.

Faculty leading these travel experiences are supported by the Department of Experiential Learning which assists in marketing and recruitment, vetting student applications, managing student payments and provider invoices, student travel orientations, and overall risk management support.

You can find Study Away Proposal Process guidelines online.

The students take in the sights at Chartres Cathedral, a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral in Chartres, France.

Honors Program students volunteer at Comprenew

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, Honors students served at Comprenew, where they learned about the impacts of recycling electronics and overall technology stewardship. Special thanks to professor Melanie Schiele-Gady in guiding our pre- and post-reflections. Did you know Comprenew is the only nonprofit organization in Michigan that collects outdated electronics and holds the most certifications to ensure proper disposal of harmful chemicals and overall data security?

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Photos from Honors Program meet-and-greet

On Thursday, November 30, 2017, GRCC faculty and staff attended the GRCC Honors Program Fall Meet & Greet to get to know current and new Honors students. The event featured a welcome speech from GRCC President Dr. Bill Pink, an induction ceremony, information sharing, faculty introductions as well as games and prizes.

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Study Away – Morocco

HU 219 Global Studies through International Travel –  Hillery Haney

As part of the HU 219 Global Studies Through International Travel course, students will be provided an in-depth study of the Moroccan culture, history, and civilization. Students will travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert and to the Gorges. Students in this group can look forward to meeting people in the various villages and cities, visiting the markets and co-operatives, eat in restaurants, bartering to purchase local goods and services, and seeing firsthand how geography impacts values and lifestyles.

Study Away handout-Morocco (pg 1)Study Away handout-Morocco (pg 2)

Honors students spend Day of Service in parks

This year’s GRCC Honors Program Annual Day of Service Event was held on Saturday, October 7, 2017.  Faculty, students and staff served at both Blandford Nature Center and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks to take part in projects that were centered on environmental stewardship. A special thank you to Ashley Fox and Melanie Scheile-Gady for facilitating such a great event.

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