College Success Center creates web series to focus on the GRCC student perspective

The College Success Center Presents: The Success Soapbox!

The Success Soapbox is a web series that focuses on the student perspective regarding success subjects. The purpose is for students to learn what their peers are doing to be successful, foster community, and educate on important success subject. Check the first episode below:

Visit (and LIKE) the GRCC College Success Center Facebook page for the complete first season of The Success Soapbox, and encourage your students to do the same!

Video: Social Media Best Practices

This video comes from a training session offered by the Learning Academy on best practices for using social media presented by Derek DeVries in the Communications Department.  For more information, visit Derek’s blog (which focuses on communication, technology and higher education) at

(PS – It’s weird writing about yourself in the third person – I feel like Dion Sanders).