Recap: Learning Center Open House a Success

The Learning Center’s Third Annual Open House was a tremendous success on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. During the event, students, faculty, and staff visited the various departments in the building and enjoyed food, treats, and refreshments. Stations were provided in the Library & Learning Commons, Academic Support & Tutoring Services, Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion, and Media Technologies. Special thanks go to Brian Morris and the GRCC Guitar Ensemble for providing a music concert during the event. Thanks also go out to all of the staff who made this wonderful event possible.

Our gracious sponsors donated many prizes for the event. Our sponsors included: GRCC Bookstore, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Art & Bevs (Culinary Arts Program), Raider Grill & Quiet Cafe, Subway, & Patatas. Our prize winners may pick up their prizes from the Library Circulation Desk:

  • Katherine Cussimanio
  • Yaylin Lopez
  • Olivia Kunnen
  • Elizabeth Hamilton
  • Ray Nielson
  • Yahntea Weaver
  • Sylvia Parham
  • Maria Hurtado
  • Olive Uwahoro
  • Jonah Craker
  • Chandler Michalsky
  • Ben Ferrell
  • Asadullah Ali

GRCC professor hosts cybersecurity podcast

Professor Andrew Rozema has launched a cybersecurity podcast, produced out of GRCC at Media Technologies. The first episode, featuring GRCC IT Security Analyst Austin Bollinger, is up in addition to a podcast trailer. The podcast will feature computer security experts from all around West Michigan including representatives from US Signal and K GROUP. Professor Rozema will also have current and former students on the podcast. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes.

Charlotte Pease receives Green Schools Champion Award

Congratulations to GRCC assistant professor Charlotte Pease, who received the Green Schools Champion Award last night from the U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan! She developed a sustainable design course for both GRCC and Grand Rapids Public Schools students.

GRCC staff travel to the MSU HUB

Klaas Kwant and staff inside a 360-degree projection space on the MSU HUB trip.

6 GRCC staff, representing the Learning Environments Team (faculty, I.T. and DL) recently visited the MSU Digital Scholarship Lab, Makerspace & HUB.

Their HUB uses a design-based approach to project management and implementation.  An interdisciplinary team approaches projects for faculty and other campus departments with a lean mindset, allowing failure and rapid adaptation to design – great for fostering innovation.

Dedicated space for faculty and community exists in their Makerspace, which contains many of the items we have in the ATC’s Maker Lab (3D Scanner, 3D Printers, Vinyl Cutters, BR viewing systems.)  Additionally, they house book making systems.  Their space is intentionally in the same building as the library to allow for greatest access, along with multiple staff to assist in the planning and use of tools.

They also have a 360-degree projection space in which 15-20 people can experience a group immersive presentation (six 4K projectors create an image that surrounds the audience.)

More pictures are available at

Overall, it was a great demonstration of the value of having dedicated space for collaboration and experimentation.