Raider Salute from the M-TEC for a phenomenal team effort during the storm

A Raider Salute from the Tassell M-TEC team:

A special thank you to Elly Bainbridge, Laurie Schaut, Dave Murray, and Klaas Kwant who worked tirelessly to get our video and materials created, printed, produced, and mailed for a national competition – all during a big polar vortex. While many were resting and staying warm, they were working furiously. We are so grateful for your willingness to go above and beyond to make GRCC look great. Thank you!

Cool story: GRCC travels to Iceland to prepare for upcoming Geology class

GRCC Geology Professor Tari Mattox and IT Media Staff Klaas Kwant gather materials for an introductory geology class at GRCC.

GRCC Geology Professor Tari Mattox and IT Media Staff Klaas Kwant are gathering materials for an introductory geology class at GRCC, and they traveled to Iceland to do it!

In this shot, they are in the eastern fjords recording different types of rock formations that demonstrate the impact of volcanoes and glaciers.  Each scene has been recorded in both 360-degree video and high resolution still images to allow students the ability to virtually explore the fjords.

GRCC staff travel to the MSU HUB

Klaas Kwant and staff inside a 360-degree projection space on the MSU HUB trip.

6 GRCC staff, representing the Learning Environments Team (faculty, I.T. and DL) recently visited the MSU Digital Scholarship Lab, Makerspace & HUB.

Their HUB uses a design-based approach to project management and implementation.  An interdisciplinary team approaches projects for faculty and other campus departments with a lean mindset, allowing failure and rapid adaptation to design – great for fostering innovation.

Dedicated space for faculty and community exists in their Makerspace, which contains many of the items we have in the ATC’s Maker Lab (3D Scanner, 3D Printers, Vinyl Cutters, BR viewing systems.)  Additionally, they house book making systems.  Their space is intentionally in the same building as the library to allow for greatest access, along with multiple staff to assist in the planning and use of tools.

They also have a 360-degree projection space in which 15-20 people can experience a group immersive presentation (six 4K projectors create an image that surrounds the audience.)

More pictures are available at

Overall, it was a great demonstration of the value of having dedicated space for collaboration and experimentation.

“Fake News from a Journalist’s Perspective” next Tuesday (4/10)

Don’t miss the upcoming “Fake News from a Journalist’s Perspective” panel discussion!

"Fake News from a Journalist’s Perspective" poster for 4/10/18 event, Tuesday, 11:30 a.m., Library and Learning Commons, 2nd Floor; classes and public are welcome

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
11:30 a.m. Library and Learning Commons 2nd floor

· Catherine Behrendt (WZZM-13)
· Clayton Cummins (GRCC Alumnus & Anchor for WILX News-10)
· Justin Dawes (GRCC Alumnus & Grand Rapids Business Journal)
· Bart Deiters (WOOD TV-8)
· Jim Harger (MLive)
· Shelly Irwin (WGVU)
· Participation of student editors from the GRCC Collegiate.

The discussion will be facilitated by: Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, GRCC adjunct journalism professor, Collegiate Advisor & Former MLive reporter.

Our guest panel will discuss changing media landscape and the effects of fake news on the journalism industry.

Classes and public are welcome!

Sponsored by GRCC Campus Common Reading, the Collegiate Grand Rapids Community College Student Newspaper, Instructional Support, and the Library and Learning Commons.