GRCC Retiree Biography: Teri Dilworth

Teri Dilworth

Teri Dilworth

Teri started working part-time in August of 1986 and went full-time in 1988. Her entire career has been dedicated to GRCC and our students in the Disability Support Services and Occupational Support office. “That response has always been met with surprise. I truly liked where I work and what my role entailed in the department. It offered me the opportunity to interact with students, parents, community and staff. I’ve seen many students struggle with various barriers which included students with learning disabilities, mental illness, physical and health limitations as well as those who were single parents and low income, etc. Seeing these students find success, whether it was completing a two-year degree, transferring or even a couple of classes for personal interest, allowed me to be a part of their journey. I loved watching them grow and build confidence within themselves. I am proud of the fact that this was my one and only position at GRCC.”

When asked about a favorite story the students she has served, Teri said: “The staff I work with are incredible. They are talented, hard-working and caring people. That will be the most difficult part of retiring for me as I leave my co-workers and friends.”

Teri has helped many students feel and recognize that they belonged in our GRCC community. When asked about an experience that demonstrated she belonged at GRCC, she shared: “For me, the definition of belonging is when I see and feel there is strong leadership within the college community. Example: During my years on the APSS Executive Board, I felt most valued when Dr. Pink requested to meet with the Board President (Sandy Gregory) and Vice President (Me). I felt a true sense of engagement during our meetings as well as being invested in what we brought to him with our concerns and opinions.”

Teri isn’t making plans right away, she wants to ease into retirement. “I have a new grandbaby coming in July, which will make four grandchildren for my husband and I. I have a scheduled trip for a few days in August. I also have a big project to start this summer. Renovations on a newly purchased vintage trailer.”

“I have always felt fortunate and proud to be an employee of GRCC. I have raised a family while working here and now I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to retire at 58.  I will miss the people but I am ready to do something on my own time clock.”

Teri, how can we thank you enough for the time, care and dedication you have shown to GRCC students? Enjoy retirement, have fun with your grandbabies and traveling in your vintage trailer, and visit your friends at GRCC as often as possible. Congratulations!