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Policies updated

July 20, 2017

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

Bullet Points for policies from May 2017 meeting:

Computer and Network Acceptable Use Agreement

  • no changes

Health & Safety Policy (NEW) to replace 14.8 Bloodborne Pathogens and 14.11 Chemical Hygiene Plan

  • Recommending replacing 14.8 (Bloodborne Pathogens Policy and Plan) and 14.11 (Chemical Hygiene Plan) with a single, over-arching Health and Safety policy that covers workplace activities and instructional programs that are covered by federal and state laws & regulations (OSHA & MIOSHA)
  • Related plans become supporting documents
  • 11 – Chemical Hygiene Plan
    • This was never actually a policy, rather a link to the plan that was put together by the Chemistry Department.
    • The plan has been updated and renamed the Lab Safety and Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • 8 – Bloodborne Pathogens Plan
    • Has been updated and renamed “Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control” Plan

For more information, visit the policy website.

Policies updated

February 15, 2017

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

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For more information, see the policy website.

Policies updated

December 5, 2016

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

11.15 Purchasing Policy (revised):

  • Raising PO requirement from $1,000 to $2,500
  • Infrequent purchase of materials, equipment, goods, supplies or services of $2,500 and less may be made without the execution of a requisition and/or purchase order (was $1,000)
  • BOT to consent to purchases $25,000 and above as opposed to providing approval.
  • (3) Written competitive quotes required between $5,000 and $14,999 (was sealed at $9,999)
  • Formal sealed bidding procedures will be conducted on all purchases over $25,000 (was $10,000)
  • Emergency purchases exceeding $100,000 may be approved by the President or designee (VP of Finance and Administration) to guarantee the safety of students, staff and visitors. BOT approval was formerly required.
  • Competitive sealed (hardcopy or electronic) bidding on all purchases of goods and services over $25,000 will be conducted and bids will be advertised in the appropriate media (there are no departmental exceptions) (was $10,000)

For more information, see the policy website.

GRCC In the News, 9-29-16

September 29, 2016

Nothing gets lost in translation when Young Farmer Award winner speaks

Sept. 28, 2016; Michigan Farm News

SPARTA — Upon graduating from Grand Valley State University with triplet undergraduate degrees in international business, economics and Spanish, Nick Schweitzer had to make a difficult choice — accept a job offer from the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America or return to the farm to start digging in the dirt.

… Jose (Meza), who was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, came to the U.S. at age 5. He is currently attending Grand Rapids Community College and hopes to return to Grand Valley State to complete his business degree. He said he and Nick talk about college, and he considers Nick a trusted friend whom he seeks advice from.

Speaking out: GRCC’s policy supporting transgender students creates safe learning environment

Sept. 29, 2016;

Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) has awarded me my most cherished opportunities and milestones. In April of this year, I was the first in my family to receive a college degree. I was also recently awarded The 2016 Women’s Salute Award, an honor given on behalf of the Bob and Alecia Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion. I was chosen out of 18,000 students and presented with this award thanks to my volunteerism and mentorship in our community.

(This article was written by GRCC alum Beau VanSolkema.)

GRCC In the News, 9-23-16

September 23, 2016

Beer School: Is Getting A Degree In Brewing A Good Investment?

Sept. 23;2016; Forbes

Kurt Lown didn’t know what to do with his life. After high school, he floated between jobs in construction and window cleaning. In 2014, the Michigan man signed up to earn an associates degree in English. Then he saw an article about a new program at another Michigan institution, and had the “aha” moment that could drastically alter his future.

This summer, the 25-year-old enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) to join its first class of Craft Brewing, Packaging and Service Operations students.

66 vie to become GRCC’s next president

Sept. 22, 2016; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Sixty-six applicants are vying to become the next president of Grand Rapid Community College, officials say.

Transgender policy discussed by Grand Rapids Community College board

Sept. 22, 2016; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Community College wants to send a clear message to transgender students that they are safe, protected and welcome, officials say.

Morning News

Sept. 23, 2016; FOX 17

FOX 17 is teaming up with Grand Rapids Community College to bring you another “Classroom of the Week.”


Policy updated

July 25, 2016

For more information, see the policy website.

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Policies Updated

June 22, 2016

6.22 APSS Code of Ethics (revised):

  • Replaced Educational Support Professional (ESP) with Alliance of Professional Support Staff (APSS) throughout.


14.6 Hazard Communication (revised):

  • Updated wording in Policy Statement to read: “The College has adopted a hazard communication program which is available for review by all employees at”
  • Changed the annual update from March to October.
  • Updated website link throughout.

Changes made to policies

June 10, 2016

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

Policy Update:

11.1 Employee Reimbursement

11.1 Employee Reimbursement (revised):

  • VII – Added GSA & Meal Incidental Expenses Rates (
  • IX – Updated definitions to include GSA Per Diem language
  • X – Updated procedures by removing accountable language, advance language, and payment timeline.
  • X – Added language to procedures to include reimbursement time frame, per diem language, payroll language, and updated guidelines.
  • XI – Forms: Added Online Leave of Absence form, IIPD & SSPD Grant, and Reimbursement forms.

Changes made to policies

March 1, 2016

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

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Changes made to policies

October 15, 2015

The following policies have been updated or added during the October policy meeting and recently approved by Cabinet:

Changes made to policy

August 25, 2015

Changes were recently made to a college policy:

6.1 Transgender Equal Opportunity (new policy)

  • Policy Statement: GRCC is committed to a College culture that respects and values all students, faculty and staff and fosters understanding of gender identity within the College community. All students, faculty and staff will adhere to procedures established in connection with this policy to ensure a safe working and learning environment, free of discrimination and harassment, which promotes the educational and social wellbeing of transgender students, and employees.
  • Reason for policy: To accommodate, support and protect transgender students and employees from sex discrimination and harassment.

Changes made to policies

July 20, 2015

Several policies have been revised.

6.14 Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Policy (revised)

  • Section X.D – Remove the word “may” and replaced with the word “will” in the first sentence. Removed second to last sentence.
  • Section X.E.1 – Added “leave for the birth of the child, workers’ compensation leave (to the extent that it qualifies)” to the first sentence.
  • Section X.E.2 – Removed the first sentence and also updated the second sentence which now reads “An employee who is taking leave for the birth of a child beyond the disability, adoption or foster care of a child may use all paid vacation, personal or family leave prior to being eligible for unpaid leave.”

6.24 Drug & Alcohol Policy (revised)

  • A.1. Changed “Alcoholic beverages of any kind” to “Alcohol in any form”
  • B. Changed ESP to APSS
  • F. Removed “Such” from “Such records and information may be disclosed…”
  • Changed revision from February to June 2016

Changes made to policies

June 3, 2015

A new policy was recently created and several existing ones were revised:

3.1 Institutional Review Board Policy (new)

This is a new policy at GRCC. The IRB policy shall ensure the protection of human participants as subjects of research at Grand Rapids Community College so that:

  • The welfare and rights of human subjects are adequately protected and informed consent given, if necessary;
  • Human subjects are not placed at unreasonable physical, mental, or emotional risk as a result of the research;
  • The research outcomes are of significance to the interests of the college
  • The necessity and importance of the research outweighs the risks to the subjects; and
  • The researcher(s) is/are qualified to conduct research involving human subjects.

10.1 Tuition & Fees Policy (revised)

  •  Language was added to bring us in compliance with the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014
  •  We added a bullet point to address differential tuition

6.7 Conflict of Interest Policy (revised)

  •  Add the following to VII, Related Documents:

National Academic Advising Association Statement of Core Values for Academic Advising.

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics

Council for Advancement of Standards Guidelines for Academic Advisors

Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards.

GRCC Purchasing Policy

  •  Change IX F. 2 to add: Student workers may be approved for employment by the Executive Director of Human Resources.
  •  Change IX F. Nepotism and Personal Relationships, section F. 3. C “husbands and wives” to “spouses or partners
  •  Add “including suppliers and vendors” to IX. Definitions: “Personal or Financial Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest may arise whenever an employee is in a position to influence college business, research, or other decisions in ways that could lead to any form of personal gain for the individual or his/her relative, or give improper advantage to other, including suppliers and vendors.”
  • Remove the following statement from IX. Definitions (redundant): “A GRCC employee acts impartially or gives preferential treatment to any private or public organization or individual.”
  • Add “(over $25)” to define “substantial monetary value” to be consistent with the GRCC Purchasing Policy. Add “Exceptions may be made for invitations to events if authorized in advance by the EBCO or Director of Purchasing or if the event is a fundraiser for GRCC.”
  • Add the following definitions to IX:

10. A GRCC employee who holds responsibilities for any aspect of academic advising and/or counseling (personal and career) is required to adhere to the Council for Academic Standards guidelines for academic advising and the NACADA Statement of Core Values of Academic Advising and/or the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics for Counseling.

11. A GRCC employee who holds responsibilities for any aspect of fundraising for the GRCC Foundation or for the College is required to adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards.

12. Employees who are authorized to select or to participate in the selection of a vendor and/or to award a contract may not accept valuable gifts, including reimbursement for travel expenses, meals or sample text books which can reasonably be expected to influence their judgment. Sample texts may be accepted on behalf of the College by Department Heads as appropriate for faculty consideration. Sample texts may not be sold to textbook buyers

13. Employees may not invite vendors to campus to sell products or to solicit funds from students and employees without prior authorization from the Director of Purchasing or the Executive Director of Human Resources for benefit or professional development related activities. Exceptions will be made for student fundraising events.