Campus shred bins reminder

End-of-the-school-year reminder: Due to sensitive materials and privacy acts, campus shred bins at GRCC cannot be opened for someone to retrieve a document. Think of these bins as paper shredders – once something is put inside, it is going to be shredded.

If you need assistance, please call Customer Service at 616-234-3960 or email

Free parking during new RaiderCard pick up

GRCC students can pick up their new RaiderCards on campus beginning Dec. 17.

Digital rendering of new GRCC Raider Card design. Image show the front of the card, with sections of blue, gold, and cream, and the words "GRCC RaiderCard." There is also a sample student photo with the words "GRCC Student Name. Student" underneath.

All students and employees are receiving new RaiderCards as part of an on-going commitment to campus safety and security.

Preprinted RaiderCards for students enrolled in classes on Main Campus or DeVos Campus for Winter 2019 will be available for pick-up at the Raider Grille between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Dec. 17 through Dec. 21, 2018, and then Jan. 2 through Jan. 5, 2019.

Additional campus services — such as advising and the bookstore — will also be available during those times.

The new RaiderCards will be used for parking, point-of-sale registers on campus, cash-to-card machines, vending machines, printing and in some cases door access. The new cards will be “contactless” cards, where you will tap instead of swipe the cards at parking gates.

Remaining balances will be transferred to the new cards following the end of the fall semester.

Students who are enrolled in classes only at the Lakeshore Campus for Winter 2019 will be notified when their RaiderCards are available.

The new RaiderCards have larger photos, are easier to read, and longer names can be printed in full. The improved security measures allow the college to electronically control and monitor all exterior doors on campus. As a result, new building access hours will be posted in the online center and additional information will be sent prior to the start of Winter 2019.

Course packs due this Friday

All course pack orders, planners, files, and skus are due Friday, December 7, by 4 p.m. to make sure they are ready for student purchase in a timely manner.

All files and planners should be sent to

Please be sure to let the bookstore know if you need a course pack for your class, and be sure to let them know if it is being updated for winter semester or if it is a reprint.

Reminder from ePrint: Boxes must be delivered to Shipping and Receiving

Beginning Monday, October 15th, Amazon Business is an approved marketplace for non-contracted items and all Amazon purchases for GRCC should be made under GRCC’s centralized account. It is required that you register using your @grcc email address if you plan to purchase from Amazon.

When placing Amazon orders, please note that Shipping and Receiving is where boxes need to be delivered to and not the Mail Room.

The address that should be used to have boxes delivered to GRCC is:

[Your Name/Department]
Grand Rapids Community College
151 Fountain Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Konica Minolta Printer Project Update – August 16, 2017

Hardware – Konica Minolta MFPs: The last printers are being installed in the Tassell MTEC, and all three Holland locations. This will be the last day of Konica’s onsite presence at GRCC.

Software – PaperCut: 95% of the new 109 installed MFPs will have full functionality by midday today. The MFPs listed below are on the priority issues list:

  • 301 Cook (CNA Testing)
  • 104 Music (Lounge) – Awaiting wiring
  • 131 ATC (Manufacturing)
  • 113 FFH
  • 102 Lyon (Police Dispatch)
  • A109 Preschool
  • 2 Student Center (Student Life)
  • 224 Student Center (Food Services)

Tomorrow’s communication will provide status for these units.

Existing Desktop Printers: Desktop printers will be migrated to using PaperCut. Offices that currently have these units will be contacted regarding the software change process.

Printing Using Personal Devices: IT Infrastructure is currently working on universal web-based access for personal device printing. Updates will be provided.

The project team thanks you all for your great patience. Please contact Olwen Urquhart (x3054) with your questions.