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Raider Salute from Psychology Department

March 15, 2018

Special thanks from the Psychology Department to the following people for all of their help with the behind the scenes with the Psychology Transfer Fair. We could do nothing without you guys and you are all greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work Dewayn Faber, Jeremy Manning, Luis Rodriguez-Cruz, Destiny Swanson and all the catering associates, Jim Schafer, Tim Zerfas and all the media associates.

Raider Salute for Facilities

December 19, 2017

A Raider Salute from Amy Koning:

A big thank you to the facilities crew in the ATC. Last week’s weather provided for some tricky cleanup, and each and every time I went outside the sidewalks were clear! 

Raider Salute for Jason Natte

December 11, 2017

The Library & Learning Commons offers a Raider Salute to custodian Jason Natte. Jason, in addition to his regular set-up, tear-down, and clean-up duties, helped us decorate for our recent Learning Center Open House. He has “ladder skills” and hung lots, and lots, and lots of snowflakes from our ceiling panels. We salute you!

Jason Natte stands by a ladder in the library; paper snowflakes hang from the ceiling.

Raider Salute to Facilities staff

September 6, 2017

A Raider Salute from Erin Busscher, of the Counseling and Career Center:

I would like to send a Raider Salute to all of the outstanding Facilities staff for setting up and tearing down the Transfer and Advising Day event in the Juan Olivarez Plaza. They did an excellent job and I was impressed by their teamwork and efficiency.

Raider Salute for Summer Teaching Institute help

August 18, 2017

Thank you to all the Summer Teaching Institute facilitators and participants!

Facilitators were Christina McElwee, Deb Vilmont, Chad Sytsma, Tony Dykema-VanderArk, Garry Brand, Meegan Willi, Mursalata Muhammad, Klaas Kwant, Rafael Pastrano, Melanie Shiele-Gady, Tamber Bustance and Jennifer Batten

Special thanks to Toy McNeal for all the coordination and Avery Sedore for the fantastic food.

Raider Salute to IT-Customer Support

May 25, 2017

Alex Moore, in Finance and Administration, has a Raider Salute for Bryan and Matthew in IT-Customer Support:

“A big thank you to Bryan and Matthew in IT-Customer Support for assisting me with a workstation move.  They went out of their way and stayed after hours to ensure that my workstation was set up for me the next day.  You both did an outstanding job.  Thanks for your help and dedication guys!”

Raider Salute for successful office move

May 16, 2017

A Raider Salute from Amy Koning, dean of the School of Workforce Development:

A shout to the following colleagues in my recent office move:

  • Neal McGladdery
  • Willie Hurst
  • Dave Emelander
  • Chad Senna
  • Dan Cook

It’s awesome to work with all of you!

Raider Salute to Bryan Door

March 20, 2017

A Raider Salute from Bill Faber in Physical Sciences:

I wanted to give a Raider Salute to Bryan Door from IT for his fast response time for a computer issue I had last night after my class.  Bryan came over and dropped off a replacement part in the evening that I needed for my early morning class.  Strong work Bryan!

Raider Salute to Sophia Brewer, Chris Sain, Raydale Bonivel

March 13, 2017

A Raider Salute from Tamber Bustance, of the Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion:

A special thanks to Sophia Brewer (Library and Learning Commons), Chris Sain (Counseling, Advising and Retention) and Raydale Bonivel (Alpha Beta Omega) for presenting at the Diversity Youth Partnership Youth Summit on Friday, March 10, 2017.  More than 250 8th grade students at Northview’s Crossroads Middle School attended the Summit, which was coordinated by GRCC’s Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion.  Sophia, Chris and Raydale inspired the students and represented GRCC very well! 

Raider Salute to Amy Koning

December 9, 2016

This Raider Salute comes from Don Steeby, associate professor in the HVAC program:

I’d like to recognize Amy Koning for the tireless work she did in developing our CCSTEP grants this past year.

As a result of this grant, the HVAC Department received valuable equipment that will be used by future generations in developing student troubleshooting skills in air conditioning and refrigeration.


Raider Salute to IT

September 6, 2016

A Raider Salute from Jim Van Dokkumburg:

The I.T. help desk went above and beyond helping me locate a most important file I had “lost” while scanning.  Austin Bolinger spent a LOT of time and stuck with me, ultimately bringing in Brian Moore, and … they found it!

Thank you, thank you so much for your tenacity in finding the file and for providing EXCELLENT customer service throughout the day!  You guys made my day!

Raider Salute to tutor trainers, Creative Dining

August 26, 2016

Academic Support & Tutoring Services would like to send out a Raider Salute to Barb Bouthillier, Tamber Bustance, Hilda Martinez-Gutierrez, Erendida Eduvina Erazo Alas, Cedric Ingram and Soyla Lange, Deb Perkins, Toni Garcia, Kelly Kozloski, Grace Blanchard and Eddie Blanchard for presenting at the August Tutor Training, which was held last Monday and Tuesday at the Calkins Science Center.  Additional Raider Salutes go out to Keaton Krupa, Cierra Conley and Iesa Gonzales for catering our event and being so flexible with a last-minute change of schedule. Thank you to all!

Raider Salute to Jennifer Rockafellow, bookstore staff

August 3, 2016

The Psychology and Social Sciences Department would like to send a special thanks out to Jennifer Rockafellow and her team in the bookstore for making our life so easy. We know it’s stressful getting textbooks together and we appreciate your willingness to help us and make things work. It’s nice to know we can always count on you to make it happen. Thank you for your service!

Raider Salute to GRCCePRINT

April 29, 2016

As we come together to celebrate so many accomplishments at this busy time of year, it is often those working behind the scenes, solving last-minute problems and putting the finishing touches on the small details, who make all the difference. For this reason, the communications department sends a Raider Salute to GRCCePRINT!

Raider Salute for MWest Challenge success

April 13, 2016

Assistant Professor Matheta Righa, Professor Jeffrey Spoelman, Assistant Professor Orletta Caldwell, Adjunct Professor John Rumery, Adjunct Professor John Schwalm, and Adjunct Professor Jorge Sanchez, as well as Brian Daily and his great team in our Business Lab, went above and beyond the call of duty in helping GRCC students successfully compete in the 2016 MWest Challenge, according to Professor Felix Pereiro, Business Department Head, Meijer Center for Business Studies.

The student business competition drew more than fifty teams from eight West Michigan colleges and universities. In addition to the contest for more than $40,000 in prizes, the event included workshops and opportunities for students to network with investors. Twenty-three GRCC teams submitted executive summaries for this competition and ten of those teams went on to present their business ideas on April 1, 2016 at GVSU during the day long event. GRCC’s Keyon Hall and Bessie Hall won an award totaling $1000 for The Shop Supermarket.

One of the most impressive things was that GRCC students competed against many students who are juniors and seniors, as well as MBA students at top four-year universities in West Michigan. The coaching and encouragement that our professors and staff provided GRCC students in preparing their executive summaries, PowerPoint slides, and oral presentations was invaluable. Professors and our Business Lab Team’s dedication to student success and excellence showed clearly the value-added proposition that exists in our business programs at GRCC.

A Big Raider Salute to Our Professors, Business Lab Team, and Staff for helping our GRCC students compete at MWest Challenge this year!