Raider Salute from preschool

A Raider Salute from the Phyllis Fratzke Early Childhood Learning Laboratory:

It takes a village — this awesome group moved our Play and Learn materials. Thanks to Pat Baldridge for organizing staff and coordinating the truck. We couldn’t do this without each person’s contribution.  

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Raider Salute for Commencement 2019

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Student Affairs sends a Raider Salute to all involved in the 2019 commencement ceremony held April 26, which saw 451 graduates cross the stage to be recognized for their academic achievement. We want to thank the following:

  • The over 65 amazing volunteers
  • Campus Police
  • Communications Office and Graphics
  • Creative Dining
  • Facilities staff
  • Fieldhouse staff
  • Foundation Office
  • GRCC Band under the direction of Jared Staub
  • GRCC Choir under the direction of Dr. Barton
  • GRCC ePrint
  • Grounds Crew
  • Media Technologies
  • President’s Office
  • Student Life and Conduct
  • The Commencement Core Team

With the support and dedication of this amazing team we were able to provide our graduates, their family, and friends a commencement celebration they will remember for a lifetime.


Raider Salute to Chef Bob Schultz, culinary students for making Make a Wish magic in the kitchen yesterday

HUGE Raider Salute to Chef Bob Schultz and GRCC culinary students Sidney Hyde, Amanda Barnett, and Tom Brown from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education – this amazing crew shared their talents with Make-A-Wish Michigan and a very special “wish kid” now known as Chef Forrest.

The 5-year-old chef, with parents Nicole and Bo, attended the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education yesterday and learned how to prepare Mexican cuisine.

The visit to GRCC was the last stop in a week-long adventure for Chef Forrest, who prepared meals and desserts in West Michigan eateries.

Thank you Chef Schultz, Sidney, Amanda, and Tom for helping make Chef Forrest’s wish come true – you rock!

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Raider Salute to Jeannie Dauber

This Raider Salute comes from student Megan Nordbeck:

I have to take time to recognize a past GRCC professor of mine — Jeannie Kuhn Dauber. She was my math 098 teacher during my first year at GRCC in 2017. As you can imagine, I was struggling with self esteem. I didn’t know whether or not I was capable of succeeding in college. Especially, all the time I took off after high school (graduated in 2008).

Jeannie is a tough teacher, but she really cares about all of her students. I had homework almost every night along with her many colorful mock tests. I did everything that Jeannie recommended and I passed her class with a 98.2 %.

Now, with this current semester I feel incredibly confident and some of that I owe to Jeannie Dauber. I currently hold a 3.6 GPA and have made the Dean’s List twice. Apart from the accolades, Jeannie and I are still friends. Once in awhile we’ll meet for lunch and what not.

Jeannie has continued to share with me about her ongoing efforts with her students. I wanted to showcase Jeannie’s dedication and how she handled things during the polar vortex. The polar vortex has been challenging for some students this semester. Specifically, when it comes to learning compiled material after missing 5 classes due to the bad weather.

Jeannie Dauber cares enough about her students to make lecture videos for Blackboard, meeting extra with her students so that they are caught up, and sending notifications about extra review time. Last Monday, classes were delayed until 11 am. Jeannie Dauber held an hour review session for her early morning class. The students who did not respond back to her notification received a phone call from her. All but one of her students showed up.

Jeannie is a prime example of an educator. I can’t imagine what my first year at GRCC would have been like without her. Thank you for all that you do Jeannie Dauber!!!

Raider Salute for W-2s!

Did you know that over 2,600 printed W-2 tax forms were mailed during the polar vortex? All thanks to the extra efforts from Becky Bailey, Mary Jo Chisholm, Dan Guajardo, Mansfield Matthewson, and Tom and Melissa Stasiak! They stuffed envelopes at home, drove to campus to mail them, and submitted our numbers to the IRS! And even though the US post office was closed, our GRCC mail room still kept us in compliance for our January 31 mail-by date.

THANK YOU for all your efforts, and we’re glad you all stayed safe, despite all the work you were able to accomplish!

Raider Salute for Polar Vortex Payroll efforts

A Raider Salute from Stacia Barczak in Student Success and Retention:

I’d love to give a Raider Salute to our Payroll team, including Becky Bailey, Jennifer Kelly, and Rachel Paulucci (and anyone else who may be pitching in during this crunch), for stepping up to get us all paid on time and correctly post-shutdown. Payroll processing is already intricate and involved with tight timelines. This has obviously been heightened by an unexpected week of closure. Thanks every pay period for getting us paid but extra big thanks this week!

Raider Salute from the M-TEC for a phenomenal team effort during the storm

A Raider Salute from the Tassell M-TEC team:

A special thank you to Elly Bainbridge, Laurie Schaut, Dave Murray, and Klaas Kwant who worked tirelessly to get our video and materials created, printed, produced, and mailed for a national competition – all during a big polar vortex. While many were resting and staying warm, they were working furiously. We are so grateful for your willingness to go above and beyond to make GRCC look great. Thank you!

Raider salute for 488 lbs of Holiday Food Pantry donations!

The Office of Student Life and Conduct would like to sincerely thank all of you for an AMAZING Holiday Food Pantry Drive. In the last week, we received 488 pounds of food, personal hygiene products, and clothing items for our Food and Snack Pantries across campus, as well as a monetary donation from Ferris faculty and staff.

We will be going into the Winter 2019 well-stocked with great food and personal items available for our students, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks to the Dental Clinic for a sizable donation of dental products, organizers, and donors at the Holiday Breakfast, and our friends over at Ferris that ran a successful donation drive as well.

Again, we appreciate you all immensely, and we hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!

Raider Salute from Early Childhood Learning Laboratory to Jeff Smoes

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GRCC’s ECLL Marsh room would like to thank Jeff Smoes and his helper for bringing the leaf blowers and making a big leaf pile for our kids to play in. Jeff took it upon himself to do this for our kids, saying “I still like to play in the leaves and figured it would be fun for the kids.”
Our kids had a ball. Thank you!

Raider Salute from Instructional Support to Facilities & IT

The Instructional Support department extends a huge thank you and raider salute to the following folks for all of your help, support, and assistance with our recent office space update: Abbot Kastanek, Sam Kirkey, Bob Greene, and Vicki Janowiak – Facilities; Saibo Williams and Antonio Aguillon-Herta – IT. We love the space and welcome everyone to stop in for a visit! We’ll have the coffee pot running.

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Raider Salute from Purchasing for “Build With Us” Volunteers

The Purchasing Department extends a HUGE THANK YOU and Raider Salute to the following individuals for your invaluable assistance the “Build with Us” event on August 23rd:

  • Abbot Kastanek – Facilities
  • Joe Milito – Facilities
  • Dorothy Paradis – Facilities
  • Dewayn Faber – Facilities
  • Jeffery Vanderveen – Information Technology
  • Danelle Sedore – ePrint
  • Lorena Aguayo-Marquez – Workforce Training
  • David Murray – Communications
  • Jared Anderson – Online Store

Our partnership with the City of Grand Rapids for supplier and Micro-Local Business Enterprise recruitment is an important one for our community. We could not do this work as effectively without all of you.

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