Raider Salute to Bayard Brooks and Luba Petrash for MACET

A special thank you to Bayard Brooks and Luba Petrash at the ATC for their work last week on the Michigan Association for Continuing Education and Training (MACET).

The conference – moving between several rooms and audio/visual setups – was flawlessly executed by Bayard.  Many speakers mentioned how easy and painless it was at GRCC, especially compared to other venues.  We received compliments from every person on the excellent food during the conference.  We are so very fortunate to have Bayard and Luba making GRCC look great!  Thank you from MACET and the Workforce Training Team.

Raider Salute for opened doors

A Raider Salute from adjunct professor Conshana (Shanda) Vaughn:

“Today my class was held in a computer lab on the 5th floor of Cook Hall.  I reserved the room starting at 8:30 a.m.   I would like to salute Mr. Matt for his willingness to assist with the opening of the reserved computer lab prior to 9 a.m.  He assisted with professionalism and smile.  He displayed the type of customer service that is ALWAYS wanted, but not always exhibited.   Thank you Mr. Matt!!!”

Adjunct professor Shanda Vaughn posing with Mr. Matt

Raider Salute to Facilities, IT, and Student Records

Erica Brown from the Cashier’s Office has a big Raider Salute to share after her team’s construction experience:

Special thanks from the Cashier’s Office to Facilities, IT, and Student Records Office! Thanks for all of their help during the Cashier’s Remodel project.

We couldn’t have done it without Abbot Kastanek, Bob Greene, Dominique Couch, Chris Ambler, Essie McGhee, Tom Trasky, Jyson Beasley, Bryan Door, Saibo Williams, Dan Cook, and Donovan Wallace.

You are all greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Raider Salute to IT Department

A Raider Salute from adjunct professor Conshana (Shanda) Vaughn:

I would like to submit a ‘Raider Salute’ to the GRCC IT Department. Wednesday, May 24th, I presented at the GRPS G-Cubed – Raising Her Voice Conference in the ATC Building.  The room I was assigned to had a computer with a browser that had not been updated, so my presentation didn’t work. I contacted the IT department and Ms. Rachel (phone) created a ticket to provide a loaner laptop because the conference was scheduled to start at 9:30A.  Well, the ticket was created at 9:10A and the problem was resolved by 9:24A.  Many THANKS and KUDOS to I want to say their names are Jordyn and Bryan H for their prompt service with a smile.  
Shanda Vaughn poses with the IT staff who helped her save the day during the "GRPS G-Cubed - Raising Her Voice Conference" in the ATC Building

Raider Salute from Psychology Department

Special thanks from the Psychology Department to the following people for all of their help with the behind the scenes with the Psychology Transfer Fair. We could do nothing without you guys and you are all greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work Dewayn Faber, Jeremy Manning, Luis Rodriguez-Cruz, Destiny Swanson and all the catering associates, Jim Schafer, Tim Zerfas and all the media associates.

Raider Salute to Facilities staff

A Raider Salute from Erin Busscher, of the Counseling and Career Center:

I would like to send a Raider Salute to all of the outstanding Facilities staff for setting up and tearing down the Transfer and Advising Day event in the Juan Olivarez Plaza. They did an excellent job and I was impressed by their teamwork and efficiency.

Raider Salute for Summer Teaching Institute help

Thank you to all the Summer Teaching Institute facilitators and participants!

Facilitators were Christina McElwee, Deb Vilmont, Chad Sytsma, Tony Dykema-VanderArk, Garry Brand, Meegan Willi, Mursalata Muhammad, Klaas Kwant, Rafael Pastrano, Melanie Shiele-Gady, Tamber Bustance and Jennifer Batten

Special thanks to Toy McNeal for all the coordination and Avery Sedore for the fantastic food.

Raider Salute to IT-Customer Support

Alex Moore, in Finance and Administration, has a Raider Salute for Bryan and Matthew in IT-Customer Support:

“A big thank you to Bryan and Matthew in IT-Customer Support for assisting me with a workstation move.  They went out of their way and stayed after hours to ensure that my workstation was set up for me the next day.  You both did an outstanding job.  Thanks for your help and dedication guys!”