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Cashier’s Office Temporary Move

May 16, 2018

The Cashier’s Office will be located in the Records Office from May 18 – 25th.  If you need any assistance from the Cashier’s Office including departmental deposits, please stop in the Records Office to see the Cashier’s Representative.  Thanks so much for your patience during this week!

Raider Salute to Matt Novakoski

May 5, 2015

An email came to us from a student who wanted to recognize what he called the “Extreme Customer Service” he received from Matt Novakoski in the Records Office. Thanks for all you do and for living out the GRCC Service Excellence Guidelines, Matt!

Excerpt from the email:

At one point during my barrage of calls to GRCC, I found myself speaking to a Matt Novakowski.. and I was impressed.

Matt gave me ample time to explain my situation and not only was he receptive and understanding, he went far beyond my expectations and provided some critical information to help on my path to resolving my issues. He seemed to take a personal interest in helping me achieve my goals and I was blown away by the service experience that he provided me.

While I expect you already know Matt is great, I wanted to take a couple minutes out of my day to be sure and to let you know how happy I was with the overall experience. Due to the resources Matt shared with me, I have a clearly defined path to resolution of my issues.

Many thanks to your team!