Study Away – Morocco

HU 219 Global Studies through International Travel –  Hillery Haney

As part of the HU 219 Global Studies Through International Travel course, students will be provided an in-depth study of the Moroccan culture, history, and civilization. Students will travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert and to the Gorges. Students in this group can look forward to meeting people in the various villages and cities, visiting the markets and co-operatives, eat in restaurants, bartering to purchase local goods and services, and seeing firsthand how geography impacts values and lifestyles.

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Seeking Faculty to Lead Travel Experiences

Did you know that in the last (4) years faculty have led successful short-term travel experiences to places like Costa Rica, Morocco, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and New York City?  Have you ever considered providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for GRCC students guided by your expertise?  We’re seeking faculty interested in learning more about developing these amazing travel experiences.  Support in creating these experiences is offered through one-on-one consultation from generating ideas of places to travel, to working with providers in creating an itinerary tailored to your curriculum, recruiting and supporting students, as well as processing payments.

Study Away Pre-Proposals are due February 1, 2018, for trips led during Summer 2019.

Have questions?  Contact Michael Schavey at 234-4180 or email

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Faculty lead Study Away trips to Alsace-Lorraine, New York, Morocco

Experiential Learning currently has three Study Away programs traveling the world.  We have five faculty member leading 4 programs. The first program is lead by Chef Heckwolf and Chef Ahmed as they travel the Alsace-Lorraine region learning about culinary practices of the region as part of the HU 219 course. The second program to is Professor Overdevest as they travel around New York City and learning about Art History and architectural as part of a AT 106 course. The last program currently traveling is led by Professor Haney as they travel Morocco in a deep cultural immersion as part of a HU 219 course. Later in August, Professor Knoppers will be taking a group nursing students to Costa Rica as part of practicum courses associated with the nursing program.

You can visit our Study Away website for more information to learn more about our short-term, faculty-led Study Away programs.

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Study Away opportunity deadline

The Department of Experiential Learning is beginning the process of supporting faculty wishing to develop and lead a Study Away experience for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Full-time faculty are asked to prepare a proposal describing the course that will be offered, the travel destination(s), how course outcomes will be achieved as well as a draft itinerary and budget.

The first step in the proposal process is the submission of the Pre-Approval Form (see attached). This form facilitates the process of informing key College stakeholders of your intent to lead a study away experience. This form is due by Friday, February 19th.

The faculty member works with a support team to prepare and submit his/her full proposal by Friday, April 1st.

Once approved, the faculty member is charged with finalizing all details of the experience and works with the Department of Experiential Learning to market the experience, process student applications, manage student payments and provider invoices.

To see examples of past study away experiences and additional resources, please visit

Please contact Michael Schavey or Hillery Haney if you have any questions.