Today’s ‘Bootcamp with Lynnae’ is canceled

Boot Camp with Lannie is canceled for Tuesday, April 30.

Please plan on joining in this Thursday, May 2, from noon-12:45 p.m., for the next session.

Wondering what other fun fitness activities are available this summer at GRCC? The new summer employee fitness schedule begins THIS WEEK – see details on the Group Exercise page!

Study Away kicks off 2019 summer trips with Pre-Departure Orientation

Group photo of the student, parent, staff, and faculty attendees of the 2019 Study Away Student Pre-Departure Orientation. Participants are gathered in the annex of the ATC, looking up and waving to the camera.

On Friday, April 12, nearly 100 students, parents, and faculty gathered for the Study Away Student Pre-Departure Orientation.  This orientation provides information around overall safety to those leading and participating in our 5 Study Away trips this summer.

This summer’s trips represents the 8th year GRCC has offered these travel experiences for students.  We processed over 150 applications for 5 trips – a record number.   This year, nearly 80 students will be participating in these trips (another record!).

Summer 2019 Trips:

  • Costa Rica (Sherry Knoppers/Laura Moody)
  • France (Hillery Haney/Katie Budden)
  • France/Germany (Sasha Ahmed/Audrey Heckwolf)
  • Italy (Kimberly OverdeVest/Audrey Heckwolf)
  • Spain (Sean Mackey/Megan Lockard)


  • Development of these trips began over 16 months ago, were vetted and approved 12 months ago.
  • All trips are short-term (roughly 2-weeks).
  • All trips are a part of a course and faculty-led as well as having a Support Person (an additional GRCC employee).
  • Most of these faculty have led these trips for several years (borderline veterans).
  • Students are required to apply and pass a criminal background check, a code of conduct review as well as other vetting criteria.
  • All students will have submitted all required travel paperwork and have been paid-in-full prior to departure.
  • Many students will be flying for the first time, and will have received their very first Passport.

Pre-Departure Agenda:

Information is presented in a way that allows the speakers to share from their level of expertise while also providing leeway for other speakers to interject when appropriate:

  • Welcome – Michael Schavey
  • Faculty Trip Introduction – Faculty Leaders
  • General Safety – Chief Whitman
  • Overall Conduct – Kimberly DeVries
  • Personal Health – Katie Hughes
  • Student Issues and Removal – Michael Schavey
  • Collect Forms and Conduct/Safety Agreement – Michael Schavey
  • Trip Swag – Michael Schavey
  • Group Photo – Michael Schavey

Summer Research Fair today in the Raider Grille

A flyer for the TRiO Summer Research Fair. There are photos of previous TRiO students presenting their work. The text reads: “Research is for you! Summer Research Fair. Programs Participating: University of Michigan UROP Community College Summer Fellowship, Michigan Technological University MICUP, University of Michigan School of Information, Van Andel Institute, Summer Health Professions Education Program, PTK / Office of Experiential Learning. Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Stop by anytime between 11:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m. Student Center 2nd Floor. Rooms 205/207. Inside Raider Grille. Information on a variety of opportunities will be available. Come, learn, get involved, and make a difference!!! Snacks will be provided.”

TRIO/Student Support Services is holding Summer Research Fair from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today in the Raider Grille.

Participating programs include:

  • The University of Michigan UROP Community College Summer Fellowship.
  • Michigan Technological University MICUP.
  • The University of Michigan School of Information.
  • Van Andel Institute.
  • Summer Health Professions Education Program.
  • PTK/Office of Experiential Learning.

Information on a variety of opportunities will be available. Come, learn, get involved, and make a difference! Snacks will be provided.