Raider Salute to Chef Bob Schultz, culinary students for making Make a Wish magic in the kitchen yesterday

HUGE Raider Salute to Chef Bob Schultz and GRCC culinary students Sidney Hyde, Amanda Barnett, and Tom Brown from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education – this amazing crew shared their talents with Make-A-Wish Michigan and a very special “wish kid” now known as Chef Forrest.

The 5-year-old chef, with parents Nicole and Bo, attended the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education yesterday and learned how to prepare Mexican cuisine.

The visit to GRCC was the last stop in a week-long adventure for Chef Forrest, who prepared meals and desserts in West Michigan eateries.

Thank you Chef Schultz, Sidney, Amanda, and Tom for helping make Chef Forrest’s wish come true – you rock!

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Raider Salute for W-2s!

Did you know that over 2,600 printed W-2 tax forms were mailed during the polar vortex? All thanks to the extra efforts from Becky Bailey, Mary Jo Chisholm, Dan Guajardo, Mansfield Matthewson, and Tom and Melissa Stasiak! They stuffed envelopes at home, drove to campus to mail them, and submitted our numbers to the IRS! And even though the US post office was closed, our GRCC mail room still kept us in compliance for our January 31 mail-by date.

THANK YOU for all your efforts, and we’re glad you all stayed safe, despite all the work you were able to accomplish!

Raider Salute for Polar Vortex Payroll efforts

A Raider Salute from Stacia Barczak in Student Success and Retention:

I’d love to give a Raider Salute to our Payroll team, including Becky Bailey, Jennifer Kelly, and Rachel Paulucci (and anyone else who may be pitching in during this crunch), for stepping up to get us all paid on time and correctly post-shutdown. Payroll processing is already intricate and involved with tight timelines. This has obviously been heightened by an unexpected week of closure. Thanks every pay period for getting us paid but extra big thanks this week!

Thank You from Dan Clark

A message from Dan Clark:

“Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, emails, cards, texts, and calls upon hearing of my fall from a ladder back in mid-November and subsequent weeks of recovery. I am so grateful and appreciative for each concern and interest that was shared.

The surgeon has given the release for my return back to work this week.

Sincerely, Dan Clark”

Raider Salute from Early Childhood Learning Laboratory to Jeff Smoes

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GRCC’s ECLL Marsh room would like to thank Jeff Smoes and his helper for bringing the leaf blowers and making a big leaf pile for our kids to play in. Jeff took it upon himself to do this for our kids, saying “I still like to play in the leaves and figured it would be fun for the kids.”
Our kids had a ball. Thank you!

Raider Salute from Instructional Support to Facilities & IT

The Instructional Support department extends a huge thank you and raider salute to the following folks for all of your help, support, and assistance with our recent office space update: Abbot Kastanek, Sam Kirkey, Bob Greene, and Vicki Janowiak – Facilities; Saibo Williams and Antonio Aguillon-Herta – IT. We love the space and welcome everyone to stop in for a visit! We’ll have the coffee pot running.

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