Live Green – Keep GRCC Clean

Americans use over 67,000,000 tons of paper each year or 600 pounds per person. (Source: Headwaters Cooperative Recycling, Inc.) 

Live Green - Keep GRCC CleanDo you event wonder what items go into the blue recycle bins you see around campus or in your work area? Look by a copy machine, under a desk, in a hall area…do you see a blue recycle bin?  Some items to drop in those containers:

  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Office Paper (white or color)
  • Manila File Folders
  • Junk Mail, Newspaper & Inserts
  • Maps/Brochures
  • Magazines/Catalogs/Phone Books
  • Class Schedules

Did you know?  In the manufacturing process of recycled paper

  • 74% less air pollution is generated
  • 35% less water pollution is generated
  • 58% less water is required
  • 64% less energy is required

(Source: Headwaters Cooperative Recycling, Inc.)

2 thoughts on “Live Green – Keep GRCC Clean

  1. Good post, (although I think event in the first sentence should be ever.)
    I just had a questions: What happens to the waste in the blue bins? How are they recycled?

  2. Also, you can think before you print! Leveraging technology such as Blackboard courses and organizations, Blackboard Drive with the Content System, Blackboard IM (Instant Messaging) for e-meetings, email attachments, etc. can also be used to reduce the use of paper and cut down travel time between campus and home. Blackboard IM servers in fact, are powered by Wind Energy credits!

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