GRCC Student Food Pantry Opening Soon – Donations Needed

Student Congress, in conjunction with Campus Activities and Student Life, is creating a food pantry for GRCC students and their families. Student Congress has taken on a “students helping students” initiative this year, and there is a growing need for students to find reliable food sources, especially due to the discontinuation of the Bridge Card for college students.

The Food Pantry will be located next to Student Life, in the old Student Leadership Offices. Student Congress and Campus Activities executive board members have offered to vacate their current office space so renovations for the pantry can take place during the winter holiday.

The food pantry will open on Monday, February 13. To participate can students will apply for the program at the Student Life Office anytime after Monday, February 6. Once accepted they will able to receive food twice per month based on the number of people in their household. Applications will be available on

We are inviting you to donate to the GRCC Student Food Pantry by bringing basic necessities and non-perishable food items to the Student Life Office, on the first floor of the Student Center, during regular office hours. For a list of items needed e-mail or visit Student Life. Please also consider a Meijer gift card so that we are able to replenish our food supply when necessary.

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