GRCC In the News 08/09/2022

Have I Been Accepted?

8/8/22 National Council for Marketing & Public Relations blog

It started after we heard from a student who received a letter from the college after applying: “Have I been accepted?” she said. “I can’t tell.”

That prompted Grand Rapids Community College’s (GRCC) Communications Department to take a peek at the letters going out to new students, then work with campus partners to elevate our acceptance experience.

One thought on “GRCC In the News 08/09/2022

  1. Great ideas! How about adding a vinyl GRCC or Raider-sticker in the package so they can post it on their rear window like others post UofM, Spartans, Lakers, WMU stickers! Lets them show Raider Pride 👍😊if too costly to give each one of them a stick on, give them a voucher to claim one free at the bookstore . Those who want it will go get it those who don’t want it will not make the effort. Also , this gets them into the bookstore to see all the GRCC “goodies”!

    From a GRCC Proud Retiree

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