International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) March 31

The world observes Transgender Day of Visibility each March 31 to raise awareness about transgender people.

“Trans Day of Visibility is a day specifically to celebrate trans people’s lives and joys, not as struggles, but as triumphs as something to be happy about, to be proud of, to stand up and say that we are here, we are happy, we’re part of our community and our lives are important. That our lives are worthy and we should be celebrated,” said Olivia Hunt of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The LGBTQ+ Inclusive Fundamentals Team, CAP 3.4, is dedicated to support GRCC’s greater commitment to equity and GRCC’s values of diversity, innovation, respect, and responsiveness by providing resources that highlight and celebrate trans people and their contributions.

The team encourages trans people to be visible by displaying a Pride flag or wearing a pin, sticker or t-shirt.

In support of this day, the GRCC Library will put up a display that provides information about the richness and diverseness of our transgender community. The display will be up for approximately three weeks.

The CAP also wants to highlight community advocates and partners: Grand Rapids Pride Center, StandOut, United Campus Christian Fellowship, and Grand Rapids Trans Foundation.

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