New rules for voicemail passwords

As part of a voice mail upgrade that took place several months ago, several users will soon be prompted to change their voice mail password. The new password must be at least 5 digits. It is also recommended that your password:

  • Does NOT spell your first or last name, company name, or any other obvious words.
  • Does NOT contain your primary extension.
  • Is NOT the reverse of your extension and does not contain the reverse of your primary extension.
  • Does NOT use the same digits more than twice in a row (for example, 900012).
  • Is NOT a 1-digit increment of a your previous password or PIN (for example, 20185 to 20186).
  • Does NOT contains fewer than three different digits (for example, 18181).

You will be periodically prompted to change your voice mail password about once every six months. If you received your voice mail account within the last six months, you will be prompted to change it at a later date. Contact the IT Customer Support Desk (234-4357) if you need assistance with your voice mail account.

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