Changes to Google Chrome Browser for office computers

A new policy update to GRCC’s version of Google Chrome is being released this week. Users may install the new version from the Application Explorer. Look for the bundle titled “Google Chrome Enterprise”. This version will increase user functionality while also addressing several security issues.

What to expect in the new version:

  • Availability of bookmarks – bookmark management is currently unavailable with the existing version of Chrome. The new version will give users the ability to create and manage bookmarks.
  • Corrected the “File path too long” error when attempting to download a file.

To Install:

  1. Launch the Application Explorer from you desktop OR via Start > All Programs > Novell ZENworks > click on ZENworks Application Window
  2. Double-click the icon labeled “Google Chrome Enterprise”
  3. View the progress of the installation by Right-clicking the ZENworks icon in the system tray, and selecting “Show Progress”

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