Retirement bio of Kaye McCarty

Kaye has been a police officer for 35 years and worked for GRCC PD for 26 years. Before GRCC, she worked with Kent County Airport Police for 8 years and Western Michigan University Police for 1 year.

Kaye shares:

“It is bittersweet leaving GRCC. I have met so many great people and students over the years and especially my co-workers who have become family.  We have been together for many life milestones.  There have been so many stories over the years it seems hard to pick just one.  The tragedies always seem to stick out in your mind and I was happy to be there for both the victim and the families in their time of need.”

Kaye’s retirement plans include more work!

“I am going to be working at the 59th District Court in Grandville after I retire.  I still wanted to be active and have some fun money on top of that!! It will be great to stay in the criminal justice field, just serving at a different level.”

Kaye concludes:

“I will miss everyone here but especially the laughs I share daily with my co-workers.  GRCC has some great people and does fantastic things for our students.  Thanks for the memories!!”

Congratulations and best wishes Kaye!

One thought on “Retirement bio of Kaye McCarty

  1. So happy for you Kaye… We go way back to when you started .. Officer please arrest me….now that I am older and get away with it….Please handcuff me. Stay safe and wish you the best.. your bestest buddy…

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