TRIO & Power Of Education Fundraiser

Hello GRCC Family!

TRIO Student Support Services is hosting our annual fundraiser for the Power of Education Foundation that benefits Samuel, a 10 year boy who attends their school in Haiti.

COVID changed our fundraising efforts for the past few years but we are back and better than ever!  We are hosting a donut and churro cheesecake (homemade!) to raise the $800 for his tuition, food, medical/dental needs, and school supplies.  You can also donate directly without purchasing anything. 

Please see below for additional information:

1.)  Donations accepted beginning Monday, October 31st thru Friday, November 4th at: PEF Donation for Samuel

2.)  This year we are selling Krispy Kreme donuts by the dozen and Churro Cheesecake by the slice and whole cake.  *Deadline for all orders will be on Thursday, October 27, 5:00 PM.  Follow this link for pricing details and to place your order: Donut & Churro Cheesecake Order Form

3.)  Goal: $800

4.)  Learn more!  Jen Masternak, the Creative and Finance Director for the Power of Education Foundation, shared a video about the foundation and the school.  And how their connection to GRCC, and how the GRCC community and TRIO Student Support Services has supported their efforts over the years.

Thank you for your support!  This fundraising partnership has existed for 10+ years between GRCC, TRIO and the Power of Education Foundation. 

It has truly been a GRCC community effort that has raised thousands of dollars and provided life-changing education, support and care for children.  Not only have we raised needed funds but our students have gained an awareness of another culture and appreciation for the access to education we have.  

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact me at 616-234-2167 or via email at

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