Dental hygiene students seek patients for regional board exams

GRCC’s dental hygiene students are looking for students and staff members willing to serve as regional board examination patients. At this point, we are scheduling screenings to determine if people (ages 18 and older) coming to our clinic at 301 Cook will qualify for the exam. If they meet the criteria set by the examination organization and are willing to be in our clinic for the exam on April 18 or 19, they would qualify for a free cleaning.

If you’d like to help:

  1. Come in for a new patient screening  — it takes 15 to 30 minutes — so that we can see where you would best fit into our clinic. We are holding our next screenings at 2:15 and 2:45 p.m. January 30, 2013.
  2. Come right into the clinic reception area just to the right and across from the elevators on the third floor of Cook and let Sheryl know you are there for a screening. We’ll check your mouth and determine if you qualify for a free cleaning. If not, it’s still only $15 for GRCC students and $30 for staff to get a cleaning and bitewing x-rays.
  3.  After your screening, even if you don’t qualify for the board, you can schedule the cleaning itself with Sheryl for a day that fits your schedule. The cleanings are one hour and 45 minutes. If it’s been quite awhile, you will likely require more than one visit.
  4.  If you can’t be there January 30, call the clinic at 234-4237 and ask to schedule a new patient screening for another day.

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