Campus police will test emergency communications

In an effort to maintain proper emergency protocols and compliance with the Clery Act, Campus Police will be running tests on all GRCC emergency communication tools Tuesday, November 26th throughout the day. Tests will be run via the Code Blue Pedestals in our external spaces, the Emergency Phone Alert system in offices and classrooms, the Rave notification system to employee home and cell phones (we will not be including students in this test).

This would be a good time for all employees to make sure all personal phone information is up to date in PeopleSoft. Please remember, if you wish to receive text messages to your cell phone in the case of an emergency, you MUST indicate that number as a “mobile” number in your information. If it is listed as “main” it will not receive a text message.

After the test, if you do not receive a call or message to your home or cell phone and believe you should have, please send an email to myself or Vicki Janowiak so we can look to correct the situation. Thank you for your support.

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