GRCC Testimonial: Why I am a UW leadership giver.

My personal choice for supporting our West Michigan Community is through our local United Way. I appreciate the United Way’s commitment and work to make an impact with my donation through the Community Investment Fund. I personally like the way they’re organized through education, financial security and family stability programs. And, I really like making my local charitable donations through payroll deductions. Payroll deduction to the United Way makes it easy for me to make an impact.
-GRCC Leadership Giver

A leadership gift demonstrates a personal dedication to creating lasting change.

A gift of $1,000 could:

-Help keep a family from home foreclosure.
-Provide legal assistance to a victim of domestic violence.

Reaching the $1,000 level of giving is easier than you think. It takes just $40 per pay period to become a Leadership Giver. Spouses or domestic partners may also combine their gift to be recognized at higher Leadership Giving levels. Leadership givers can also grow their personal and professional sphere of influence by participating in exclusive UW networking events and education programming.

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