Security Reminder

There have been a couple of incidents on campus recently and the GRCC Police Department needs your help. We have had personal property stolen from vehicles in our employee parking lots, as well as college and personal property stolen from office space. It is not uncommon for us to walk past cars in our lots and see purses, briefcases, laptops, and electronics sitting in the open on seats. We do our best to patrol these areas but it takes just seconds for a criminal to break a window and be gone with your valuables. Even less for someone to walk in and out of your office. This is where you come in, here are a few tips that will help reduce the number of larcenies we have on campus:

Be aware of “strangers” in your office areas. If you see someone you don’t recognize, greet them and offer assistance (in finding what/who they’re looking for). If you are uncomfortable addressing someone, call Campus Police (x4010) and ask for their assistance. Providing a good description is extremely helpful.

  • Secure personal items (e.g. purses, etc.) in your desk/filing cabinet. For example, don’t leave your purse sitting on/under your desk… instead, lock it up.
  • If you leave your office or classroom, be sure to close and lock your door.
  • Do not leave valuables visible in your vehicle. Put them in the trunk, storage compartments, or other areas less open to others walking by.
  • Be observant of your surroundings, and notify Campus Police if you see something suspicious.

Thank you to those who have called, you have made a difference.

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