SLT Profile: New Employee Orientation

The New Employee Orientation (NEO) team oversees the on-boarding of all newly hired employees via a traveling orientation. This process allows the new employee to receive tours of both the Main and DeVos Campus, while meeting employees from various departments. The on-boarding process is guided by the college’s desire to integrate new employees into our culture, and to create a firm foundation of knowledge about our mission, vision, and values.
Within the last year, we have implemented an enhanced mentorship program in which new employees are paired with a current employee to use as a resource for college information and orientation throughout their first year. Through the program, mentors also disseminate information about the college, and its various departments and functions, through monthly spotlight communications.

One goal of the NEO team is to implement a process for introducing new employees to campus via a short, but interesting, biography delivered via campus-wide communications. Excerpts will include a photograph of the new employee so others will know who to look for to introduce themselves.

The team is comprised of Nicole Dekker, Christine Coon, and Laura Caulk from Human Resources; Tony Myers from Campus Police; and Rachel Bower and Kelly Webber from IT.

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