GRCC In the News, 11-20-17

GRCC hosts a community science day

Nov. 19, 2017; WZZM

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Grand Rapids Community College hosted a Community Science Day today for local children and adults to participate in hands-on science and health-related activities.

National Survivor of Suicide Loss Day Conference

Nov. 17, 2017; WOOD TV

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — When someone commits suicide, it’s always those closest to them that are hurt the most. It’s with that thought in mind that the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan is hosting a special conference this weekend.

… National Survivor of Suicide Loss Day Conference

… Grand Rapids Community College Tech Center

Street Talk: Eatery’s food for thought

Nov. 17, 2017; Grand Rapids Business Journal

This restaurant will have a little something extra on the menu.

… Chef Trimell Hawkins a graduate of the Secchia Institute of Culinary Arts at Grand Rapids Community College will lead food operations. The trio plan to hire locally, with special outreach to minorities.

GRCC Faculty Association raising money for the student food pantry and food kiosks

Gobble Gobble!

Have you noticed the Food Kiosks that have been popping up about campus? Do you see how fast the food empties? Did you know we have an on-campus Student Food Pantry where students can go once a month and fill a bag? There’s that old joke about starving college kids, but the reality of how severe of an issue this is, is no joke at all. Food insecurity is a real issue and we all can do something about it! 45% of GRCC students scored in the “low food security ” or “very low food security” categories of a recent survey of 428 GRCC students.

With that, you are invited to help our students by making a donation to the GRCC Student Food Pantry and Food Kiosks. The Faculty Association is once again spearheading a team of 5k runners who have pledged to run the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in downtown GR to help raise money for this cause. All of the funds raised will will go directly to the benefit of GRCC students. If you see these brave folks, give them a high five as they prepare for this 5k in what looks like mild mid-30’s temperatures.

You can donate online.

As of November 20, we have raised $585! Donations will be accepted through December 1!

GRCC Turkey Trot Runners:

  • Andy Schut
  • Anna Maria Clark
  • Benedikt Schorner
  • Bill Faber
  • Carly Plank
  • Cheryl Floyd
  • Christina McElwee
  • Corinne Martinez
  • Drew Rozema
  • Holly VanRyn
  • Jennifer Knauf
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Jillian Canode
  • Katie Vander Meer
  • Kristina Brott
  • Luann Keizer
  • Meghan VanderMale
  • Patricia Morris
  • Ryan Nausieda
  • Samantha Dine


Gratitude from the Grants Department

As we settle into the season of gratitude, we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize and thank the many faculty and staff who have participated in grantseeking efforts during the past year. Our department would not be nearly as successful without their significant contributions of time, effort, and in some cases good humor, to get us through the project development and grant writing processes.

This year, we would like to extend our gratitude to the following faculty and staff:

  • Steve Abid
  • Lorena Aguayo-Marquez
  • Jennifer Batten
  • JaneAnn Benson
  • Marisol Blanco
  • Dillon Carr
  • Anna Maria Clark
  • Dan Clark
  • Lannie Collard
  • John Cowles
  • Lisa Gloege
  • Domingo Hernandez-Gomez
  • Jim Holyfield
  • Vicky Janowiak
  • Sheila Jones
  • Amy Koning
  • Jeanne Lacy
  • Tari Mattox
  • Anne Meilof
  • Pamela Miller
  • Bruce Morrison
  • Mursalata Muhammad
  • Tom Neils
  • Julie Parks
  • Sarah Petz
  • Vicky Powers
  • Andrew Rozema
  • David Selmon
  • Sharon Umlor
  • John VanElst
  • Rick Vander Veen
  • Becky Yoder