Diversity Learning Opportunities

Employee Professional Development & Enrichment and the Diversity Learning Center are partnering to bring the following new learning opportunities to employees:

Bullying & Harassment
Wednesday, February 23 9:30-11 a.m.

Course Description: Bullying and its affects, has everyone concerned. This learning session will define bullying and its attendant behaviors. What is known about the prevalence of bullying? How is bullying being addressed by other institutions? How does bullying infect the atmosphere of an office, classroom or campus? This training will help employees in identifying problematic behavior and in possible prevention and intervention.

Can You Believe She Did That? – When Generations Fail to Communicate
Tuesday, March 1 1:30-3 p.m.

Course Description: Information flows in all directions in a learning organization. Currently there are four generations in the workplace and often in the classroom at once and this can be a source of conflict. The goal of this learning is to provide a basis of understanding between and among generations. This understanding is aided by recognizing the formative years of each generation. The participants will recognize the implications of the variation in values held by each generation. The session will offer strategies for effective and successful cross generational communication.

Unintentional Blindness
Monday, March 21 2-3:30 p.m.

Course Description: Unintentional Blindness is a powerful workshop, where participants leave with the skills necessary to recognize micro-inequities in delivering inclusive service and tools to mitigate cross cultural miscommunications. The workshop is filled with interactive activities, dialogue, skill building and even some fun.

All of these sessions will be facilitate by Kathleen Owens and Tamber Moore

Register at www.grcc.edu/currentlearning

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