T Minus 4 Days and Counting for Innovation Challenge

It’s is never too late to be innovative.but it will be too late to win big money for your ideas in just 4 more days. Saturday is the deadline for you – or students – to enter their ideas on our parking puzzle.

The question for this year’s Innovation Challenge/Armen Award is: How might GRCC reduce the need for and use of on-campus parking by 50% by 2015?

There is a free Idea Development session today from 3-4 PM with Bill Fluharty, Design and Innovation Consultant from the Keller Future Center and all you have to do is walk in to room 316 Main and you’ll get free professional assistance. And you’ll still get to keep any money if you are the winner of the $3,000 cash. (Second Place is $1,500 and Third Place is $500.)

Also, if you’ll be in a classroom, please encourage students to look into the Innovation Challenge at grcc.edu/Innovationchallenge

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