Raider Salute to Faculty Learning Day Staffers

From Penni Weninger in the Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies Dept:

A huge Raider Salute to the folks who made this year’s Faculty Learning Day so enjoyable for our faculty: Ann Alexander, Denyse Bening, Isaac Davila, Nanci Guigue, Arthur Johnson, Carol Kramer, Jose Mora, Candy Norder Cathy Noviskey, and Diane Sparks for assuring smooth registration and setup; to Rachel Bower, Matt Coullard, Laura DeVries, Jan Ensing, and Nancy Sheldon in printing services who put together all of our beautiful collateral; to Klaas Kwant, Jim Schafer, Hanna Prill and Andrew Schmidt for recording the day so beautifully. And especially to student assistants, Jennifer Kuyt and Shyanne Riekena, who not only assisted on Learning Day but worked very hard on registration and preparation for weeks in advance.

– Penni Weninger

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