TRIO students present research at University of Michigan

GRCC TRIO/Student Support Services students Cedric Ingram, Chantal Garcia, Daniel Lopez, Maria Perez and Maleny Crespo participated in the University of Michigan Community College Summer Research Fellowship. On August 2, they presented their research findings at the 2017 UROP Summer Symposium.

Their topics were:

  • Cedric — “Family Dynamics Under African-American Slavery.”
  • Chantal — “Influence of Funding on Technological Innovation and Commercialization.”
  • Daniel — “The Content of Your Color: Skin Color Identity and its Determinants.”
  • Maria — “Using the Web to Enhance Healthcare in Differences of Sex Development.”
  • Maleny — “Political Spirituality of Latinx Culture.”

Special congratulations to Cedric, Chantal, Daniel and Maleny for winning blue ribbon recognition for their exceptional work and knowledge of research topics!

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